I was born and bought up in a Muslim Household


No parent, family or friend wants to hear these words from their loved ones.

Unfortunately in reality this is not the case. 

In these unprecedented and uncertain times, Muslims are facing doubts, not connecting to Islam, weakening in their emaan and unable to confidently face todays challenges.

Islam21c is their lifeline to save their souls from the hellfire and raise their ranks in Jannah insha’Allah.


Your support this Ramadan could protect a Muslim from misguidance, uncertainty, doubts and clouded thoughts and even from leaving Islam


You and your loved ones can safeguard Muslims by joining our urgent appeal to raise vital funds for Islam21c to continue its impact to next Ramadan and save souls Insha’Allah.



How Can You Be Part Of The Solution?

Islam21c is seeking 100 soulsavers to raise urgent funds this Ramadan


1. Make the intention to please Allah swt

2. Register yourself using the form & select a target

3. You will receive a fundraising page and be added to a WhatsApp group where helpful tips and messages will be sent on a regular basis

4. Share it with your friends and family to reach your target

5. ..and Smile - Alhamdulilah You are fortunate to invest in your aakihira
and reap the reward of every ounce of support for being a lifesaver this Ramadan

Your support helps us to..

By proceeding, you will be added to the Islam21c mailing list. Your data is safe with us and will be protected in accordance with our data protection policy.


Jazak Allahu Khairan to Ramadaan Lifeliners
We couldn't have done it without you

Alhamdulillah last Ramadan many lifeliners signed up to he challenge and have since taken the huge reward of Islam21c’s impact over the last 12 months inshaAllah. Join Lifeline this year, and help make a lasting impact

Your impact will not only be felt today, but for generations to come, as a form of Sadaqah Jariyah – benefiting the Muslims of today and tomorrow, Insha’Allah.

Do you want to see every Muslim confident and impacting the world?

Then join our LIFELINE 21c Appeal, and become a lifesaver today.


By the will of Allah, and with a little work! Alongside your personal Launchgood link where donations can be securely made, we’ll be providing a resource pack of reminders, example messages, and posts for you to share with your contact via social media and mobile messaging apps. By sharing these resources over Ramadan, and your personal your reasons for becoming a lifesaver this Ramadan your loved ones will connect with the cause and will want to be a part of the success of the campaign. We’ll be in touch throughout Ramadan to share practical tips to help you reach your target.

We know you’ll try your best and ultimately the results are out of our mortal hands, and will never hold it against you if you do not reach the target, your efforts no matter what amount will contribute towards developing confident Muslims who are able to impact our world. Pick your target, and remember it can be achieved by individuals, families who want to campaign together, or friends who decide to commit as a group, you’re not alone, build a team and fundraise together for the cause. If you’re not able to reach your target by the end of Ramadan, and want to fulfil your pledge, we can work together to raise the remainder of the pledge over a period of time. When we break the target down over a year, it’s only £41.66 a month, £9.61 a week, and just £1.37 a day – less than the price of a cup of coffee a day!

Of course, you can drop us a message anytime through our social media channels, however given that we receive so many messages during Ramadan, we’d recommend emailing Mahmud at: [email protected]