Yusuf Patel

Yusuf Patel is the Founder and Managing Director of Muslim Family Initiative, formerly known as SREIslamic, which provides advice, support and training to parents concerned with how Sex and Relationship Education (SRE/RHE/RSHE) is taught in schools, particularly at the primary level. Muslim Family Initiative has conducted hundreds of seminars across the country since it was founded in 2008 in order to inform Muslim parents of their legal rights in the area of SRE (RHE/RSHE) as well as running workshops covering the responsibility of Muslim parents to impart age appropriate sex education in line with their values. Yusuf works for a mental health charity.
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How many extremists does it take to change a light bulb?

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How many extremists does it take to change a light bulb? If the Home Secretary, Theresa May were asked for the punchline, she would struggle, not because she doesn’t possess a sense of humour, I’ve heard she has a cracking sense of humour, but because she isn’t able to clarify what extremism is. And she’s not the only one to struggle in this regard.  Yet this hasn’t stopped the Tory government from proposing a set of wide ranging counter-extremism bill with a raft of measures to tackle “non-violent extremists”. There is much to be said but let’s just focus on

Gove’s Trojan Horse Hoax finally exposed by Education Select Committee

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We are pleased that the Trojan Horse Hoax has finally been exposed by a welcomed cross-party Education Select Committee report, but has too much damage already been done? Last year the sensationalist spotlight fell on Birmingham. Amidst the barrage of accusations lay an ideological agenda, one which rubber-stamped an existing narrative in the minds of people. That narrative says Muslims are here as a pervasive fifth column whose long-term goal is to take over this country and overturn its institutions. In an attempt to indoctrinate the minds of the general public, every new controversy (actual or manufactured) is recruited as

‘Muslim Sex Grooming’ – The Times’ opportunistic Islamophobia exposed

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“Muslim Sex Grooming” – The Times’ opportunistic Islamophobia exposed In June 2013, seven men that had perpetrated the brutal rape, torture and abuse of vulnerable girls in the care system were sentenced. Five of the men were sentenced to life imprisonment with two serving between 12 and 20 years. Five out of the seven perpetrators were of Pakistani origin and this case comes after the high profile Rochdale grooming gang hit the headlines. Yesterday the Oxford Safeguarding Children Board (OSCB) released its Serious Case Review (SCR). The SCR details the massive systemic errors that allowed these despicable individuals to act

The Road to Statutory Sex Education in Schools

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MPs Call for Statutory Sex and Relationship Education in Schools The Education Select Committee published its long awaited report into Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) and the headlines screamed "statutory SRE on the horizon". The single most common question I have been asked in response was: 'Is SRE statutory?' The simple answer is no, but the firing shot for statutory SRE has sounded. The Education Select Committee has recommended that the government backs statutory SRE. At present, SRE is not statutory but there are limited aspects of SRE teaching that are legal requirements as part of national curriculum science. In a primary school, besides

The Muslims have come

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An introduction to a series of articles inspired by ‘The Muslims are Coming’, Arun Kundnani The threat of terrorism is a largely imagined one. They would have you believe it is the single greatest threat to the existence of Western civilization.  Politicians routinely talk up the threat by deceiving the masses into believing the terrorists are at the front door, and 'our' (read: the government's) response determines whether they succeed or fail. This external threat is a highly effective tool that has been deployed throughout the ages by democrats and dictators alike, it is so effective in minimising and deflecting

The Hypocrisy of the “Muslim School Takeover Plot” That Never Was

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The Muslim takeover of schools was almost complete, all the pieces were in place, years of painstaking planning were about to pay off, yet at the eleventh hour the whole plan was scuppered when the secret masterplan was leaked, pulling the proverbial rug from underneath our very feet. Epic fail! Back to the drawing board! It may seem like a mediocre storyline from a Spooks episode that failed to make the cut, but over the past few weeks the headlines seem to back up the claims. Or do they? In early March, allegations began to surface of a plan, purportedly

Scrutinise the Gay marriage bill

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Related Articles Proposed Gay Marriage Bill & Muslim Silence Have Muslim MP's Denounced Islam by Voting for Gay Marriage Bill? Forming the Single-Gender Society How the West was won: An analysis of the Gay Rights Movement Part 1 How the West was won: An analysis of the Gay Rights Movement Part 2 The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill was introduced into the House of Commons on 24th January 2013. This bill seeks to legalise gay marriage.  The second reading of the Bill took place on 5th February, as you may remember the majority of Muslim MPs voted in favour of the bill,

Desperately Seeking Something – In Search of Values

22 Min Read

The discussion of values after the week of rioting and looting has been simplistic and heavy with soundbites.  If the prime minister is serious about ushering in a radical change serious questions have got to be answered about the very values that have come to characterize 21st century Britain. Although the death of Mark Duggan in Tottenham may have been the spark that lit the fuse, it does not explain the behaviour of largely young people in looting and rioting. A sense of injustice may have been the initial trigger but the domino effect of looting and rioting which swept

The Hardening of Attitudes Towards Muslims

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A report based upon a survey of attitudes concerning identity, immigration and multiculturalism has just been released by Searchlight Education Trust and it makes interesting but alarming reading. Based upon a sample of 5,000 respondents, the report backs up anecdotal evidence suggesting a hardening of views towards Muslims. The economic situation has toughened views on immigration, the overwhelming majority now believe immigration should be halted as it is bad for the country. 48% are favourable to supporting an anti-immigration party on the right of the political spectrum as long as it is not overtly fascist and eschewes violence. This suggests England is moving closer