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  • A C Ahmed

    A.C. Ahmed is a practising Corporate Finance Lawyer. As a result of his studies, he is focusing his writing on the areas of Islamic jurisprudence, contracts and commerce.
  • Abul Baraa

    Abul Baraa studied Chemical Engineering at UCL, and now works full time for a major Engineering firm. Throughout his time at university, he was involved in Islamic Society da'wah and wrote a number of articles for the society's periodic newsletter. Abul Baraa is a firm believer of the necessity to continue Islamic Studies throughout working life, and is a regular attendee of a number of weekly circles. He has completed an in-depth study of Imām al-Nawawi's 40 hadīth with Ustādh Alomgir Ali, and has created a blog with summarised bullet-point commentary on each hadīth, which can be found on www.hadithcommentary.wordpress.com.
  • Abdullah al-Andalusi

    Abdullah is an international speaker, thinker and intellectual activist for Islam and Muslim affairs. He has spoken in community centres, universities, colleges and numerous appearances on various programmes on TV channels including the BBC, ITV, BBC Arabic, BBC Radio 4, Al Jazeera, Press TV, Islam Channel and IQRA TV. In 2009, he co-founded the public discussion forum: The Muslim Debate Initiative, a forum that promotes open dialogue and critical debate between thinkers, academics, politicians and public speakers of all backgrounds.
  • ʿAbd Allāh Nūr al-Dīn

    A concerned Muslim with an interest in international law, domestic and foreign policy, history and contemporary ideologies and thinking such as neoconservatism and secularism and their impact on society and in particular Islam and Muslims.
  • AbdulRahman El-Nounu

    AbdulRahman El-Nounu is a Mechanical Engineer by profession having completed a MEng and is currently pursuing his doctorate (EngD) as a Manufacturing Research Engineer. He is actively involved in arranging Islamic structured courses with international Dawah institutes and delivers basic study circles in his locality while attending regular Tafseer classes. AbdulRahman’s research and political activism focuses on international affairs and he is an author to Islam21c on current Middle-Eastern issues.
  • Abdur Rahman

    Shaikh Abdur Rahman has a background in education and Islamic studies. His interests include Sharia, Islamic education, social and current affairs. He is keen to explore practical ways for Muslims to be an effective force for positive change.
  • Abdur-Raheem Green

    Abdur-Raheem Green is the founder and Chairman of The Islamic Education and Research Academy
  • Abeer Sadary

    Abeer is a student of knowledge currently residing in the Middle East. She has studied the Qurʾān in the traditional way and also at university level where she did an undergraduate degree in ʿUlūm al-Qurʾān (Qurʾānic Sciences) with a major in tafsīr. Her final year dissertation was titled, “A Comparative Study of the Rules of Tafsīr from the Tafsīr of Sūrat Āl-ʿImrān by Ibn ʿUthaymīn.”. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Economics, and teaches tafsīr courses in Bahrain as well as regular online classes on topics related to the Qurʾān and its memorisation for sisters.
  • Abhay Kumar

    Abhay Kumar is a Hindu scholar pursing PhD at Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He has written for Indian newspapers such as the Milli Gazette.
  • Abdul-Rahman Ali

    Abdul-Rahman studied International History covering topics such as WW1, WW2, The Cold War and Civil Rights in America. He worked as a youth worker for a number of years assisting in the social, educational and physical development of young people and currently works in Recruitment. He takes a particular interest in the impact of domestic politics on the Muslim community.
  • Abu Zakariya

    Abu Zakariya works as an IT Consultant. He lives in the UK with is wife and three children. He has had a lifelong interst in comparative religion. Abu Zakariya authored the comparative religion blog www.manyprophetsonemessage.com where he shares his knowledge and experiences of dawah with a focus on Islam and Christianity.
  • Abubakr Karimabadi

    Abubakr is an aspiring barrister currently undertaking his LLM degree in International Economic Law on a scholarship from Queen Mary University of London.
  • Sheikh Alomgir Ali

    Ustdah Alomgir has a BA in Arabic & English language and has studied Arabic and Islamic studies in Cairo. He is currently pursuing a degree in Shariah at al Azhar University in Cairo. He has translated a number of books and holds weekly Tafseer classes in London and is a regular Khateeb in a number of mosques in London. He also taught Arabic and Islamic studies at the Tayyibun Institute in London and is currently an instructor for the Sabeel retreats and seminars.
  • Sheikh Abu Talha

    Abu Talha has been regularly involved in teaching and speaking about Islamic issues for over fifteen years.He undertook his Arabic and Islamic studies at the renowned Islamic University of Madinah where he graduated with BA (Hons) in Shariah and a Diploma in Arabic language. While in Madinah he was blessed to learn from some of the scholars in the Prophet's Masjid. Formerly, he worked as a full time Imam and Khateeb at an Islamic centre for a number of years. Along with his Islamic education, Abu Talha is a qualified and experienced language teacher and holds a Masters in Education and Applied Linguistics.​
  • Ahmad Chaker Jomaa

    Ahmad has a BA in International Relations and Journalism and an MA in International Security Studies, during which he spent a year as the Head of Media for a national student organisation. He presented the findings of his undergraduate research at the House of Lords, on the representation of Muslim students in the British press. He has a wide range of media experience having written for several online and print publications as well engaging in television and radio interviews. He is an active member of Islam21c's Middle-East Current Affairs Team.
  • Ustādh Ali Hammuda

    Ustadh Ali Ihsan Hammuda is an educator and writer on Islam. He is of Palestinian origin but was brought up in the UK and although an architect/planner by profession, he currently works with Al-Manar (Cardiff) as the English Islamic programmes officer. Ali is known as the author of various books including 'Origins of the Mosque of Cordoba' and 'The End of Times', and continues to deliver sermons, lectures and regular classes across the country. He is a regular writer on Islamic issues to a wide audience.
  • Ali Ilyas

    Ali R Ilyas is a 23 year old Trainee Solicitor at Lloyds Solicitors in Longsight, Manchester. His interest in human rights activism, specifically in women's rights, led him to become a Director of the emerging Luna Women's Foundation, which has a specific aim to target gender inequality. Apart from being involved in several community organisations and his political role as the Chair of his local Labour Party, Ali enjoys writing creative stories, articles, poetry and performing spoken word poetry.
  • Ali Shah

    Ali is a Medical Student and a holder of a Biomedical Sciences degree. He has spent much of his life travelling and has lived in the UK and across the Middle East.
  • Amanj Aziz

    Amanj Aziz has a bachelors in Political Science and is an anti-racism activist in Sweden. He is currently undergoing a Masters in Sociology with a special focus on Postcolonial and Critical Race studies at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.
  • Amar Alam

    Amar Alam has studied an undergraduate Psychology degree and completed an MSc within the same field. He regularly has academic articles published in medical journals and writes articles on various Islamic topics using a social framework for a number of media outlets.
  • Amera Farooq

    Amera Farooq studied Biochemistry at Bedford College, University of London and is currently studying for a BA Islamic Studies degree from the Islamic Online University. She has been involved in education for a number of years, most recently in an SEN school. She is active in the community, trying to portray a positive image of Muslim women caring for and being engaged in their local communities. She currently participates in Dawah projects and Qur'an circles.
  • Amin Habib

    Amin is a medical student at King’s College London, and an MSc student at the London School of Economics. He is also a student on the Sabeel Development Programme. He has been involved in university Islamic societies and many other university-based projects. Amin hopes to combine a future career as a doctor with work within the community.
  • Ashraf Dabous

    Ustādh Ashraf is Deputy Imam at Lewisham Islamic Centre. He studied at the Islamic University of Madinah where he obtained a Diploma in Arabic Language and a Bachelors Degree from the Faculty of Daʿwah and Usūl al-Dīn. He also studied Hanbali Fiqh and Hanafi Fiqh as well as other sciences privately under various teachers. He is currently pursuing an M.A in Islamic studies at The Muslim College, Ealing.
  • Asim Qureshi

    Asim Qureshi is a Human Rights Lawyer and is Co-DIrector of CAGE UK (previously known as Cageprisoners) where he works as the senior researcher. Asim has led investigations into Pakistan, Bosnia, Kenya, Sudan, Sweden, USA and around the UK. With his team of researchers, he has written and published many reports exposing the use of unlawful detention, rendition, and torture in the 'war on terror'. He is also the author of the book, "Rules of the Game: Detention, Deportation, Disappearance". The work analyses the global detention policies in the 'War on Terror' post 11th September 2001 and the impact on those most affected.
  • Imam Asim Khan

    Ustadh Asim Khan is currently the Imam of Redbridge Islamic Centre, Instructor for the Sabeel institute, & author for Islam21c.com. He has, from an early age, excelled in academic studies and has gained a Masters in Pharmacy from the University College London, UK, as well as studying Arabic and Quranic Sciences in Cairo, Egypt. He appears regularly on Islam Channel's religious programming & is currently presenting the Dreamer show for Eman Channel. Ustadh Asim has a special interest in Tafsir studies and teaches the subject in London where he lives.
  • Assad Ahmad

    Assad is currently studying Sharī'ah in al-Azhar University
  • Azad Hussain

    Azad Hussain studied Accounting & Finance at the University of Greenwich. During his time as a student he engaged with several charity projects and continues to do so. As well as being the director of services for a youth and community project, he is currently working as the Head of Operations for Al Isharah.
  • Bilal Abdul Kareem

    Bilal Abdul Kareem is a former programme director at an international Islamic TV network. He is a director and producer of many films and documentaries as well as a presenter. Bilal has been documenting foreign fighters in Syria for the last two years, and has produced reports with Channel 4, BBC, Skynews, and the Dutch program Newseur.
  • Daily Ramadan Companion

    This is your 2015 – 1436 Daily Ramadan Companion. Everyday you will get special multimedia content suggested by our readers and authors in one, convenient place to help take advantage of every blessed moment this month. Read a summary and listen to a short reflection on each juz of the Qur’ān, give charity with the click of a button, memorise an āyah a day of Sūrah al-Mulk, listen to a more in-depth tafsīr of the Qur’an and more! Don’t forget to comment below to add your feedback, suggestions and reflections.
  • Dawuud Loka

    Dawuud Kangudi Loka is a business student at Holborn College. Raised in Germany in a Congolese household Dawuud was able to speak up to three languages. He travelled across the globe participating in da'wah initiatives. As an artist and creative he is been behind many online campaigns such as Da'wah men in Brazil. He is also contributor on the Internchange blog.
  • Dilly Hussain

    Dilly Hussain is the deputy editor of British Muslim news site 5Pillars. He is also a political blogger for the Huffington Post and a features writer for Al Jazeera specialising on human rights. He regularly appears on Islam Channel, Russia Today, BBC Look East, BBC South and BBC radio stations discussing Middle East and North African politics, as well as domestic stories concerning British Muslims.
  • Dr Adnan Siddiqui

    DR Adnan Rasheed Siddiqui is a GP by profession; Director of CAGE, for 7 years; Director of DATE VALLEY SCHOOL TRUST for 6 years; Director of NORBURY MUSLIM CENTRE for 3 years;
  • Dr Reza Pankhurst

    Dr Reza Pankhurst is a political scientist and historian, specialising in the Middle East and Islamic movements. He has a doctorate from the London School of Economics, where he previously completed his Masters degree in the History of International Relations.
  • Dr Shafiul Amin

    Shafiul studied Medicine at King's College London. Currently, he is working as a Foundation Year 2 medical doctor rotating in general practice medicine. During university, he served as Islamic Society President and was involved with medical student representation. He has led on multiple Muslim community based projects, regional health campaigns in inner-city London and medical relief work abroad. Active academic interests include faith-based public health promotion, health infrastructure in humanitarian crisis zones, medical education and pursuing studies in the Islamic sciences.
  • Dr Shameela Islam-Zulfiqar

    Dr Shameela Islam-Zulfiqar is a proud mother of four, a medical Doctor and a humanitarian activist. She is due to complete a Masters degree in Disaster Management and Conflict Resolution at the University of Manchester. Dr Islam-Zulfiqar has assisted on humanitarian aid convoys to Syria on several occasions since the start of the Civil War, delivering aid to those most in need and treating the injured in Syrian hospitals. She has also volunteered in humanitarian missions to Gaza, Pakistan and Bosnia in the aftermath of the floods there earlier in 2014. She is also a member of the Board of Governors at a school in Trafford Council.
  • Dr Shazad Amin

    Dr Shazad Amin is the CEO of MEND and a Consultant Psychiatrist working in the NHS. He qualified from the University of Manchester and undertook his psychiatric training in Nottingham. He has previously been a Director of Medical Education in the NHS and sat on the Greater Manchester Family Justice Board. He was a former trustee of MediConcern, a charity that provided health education and promotion to patients from ethnic minorities. He is also a former Trustee of ChildConcern, who provide education and training for professionals concerned with Childcare Law. He acts as an Expert Witness in Clinical Negligence cases, is a CQC Specialist Advisor and sits as a MPTS tribunal member. He has authored papers on psychosis, mental health and parenting and given lectures on topics such as diagnosing mental illness, depression in the South Asian culture, personality assessment, stigma of mental disorders and giving evidence in Court.
  • Dr Uthman Lateef

    Dr. Uthman Lateef has a BA (First Class Hons) in History, an MA (Dist.) in Crusdaer Studies, and has completed a PhD in 'The Place of Fada'il al-Quds (The Merits of Jerusalem) and Religious Poetry in the Muslim effort to recapture the Crusades;. Currently, he is a khateeb at Stoke Poges Lane Mosque and Islamic Centre, Slough. He is in the process of publishing his PhD thesis and is currently conducting post-doctorate research in International Relations ('The effect of war media iconography on US identity: disruptive images, counter hegemony and political syncretism'). He presents a weekly show on Islam Channel (813), 'The Greatest Generation' and is a speaker at mosques and universities in the UK and internationally.
  • Dr Zafar-Islam Khan

    Dr Zafar-Islam Khan is an author and journalist based in New Delhi. He is currently editor and publisher of The Milli Gazette which focuses on issues concerning the Muslim community. He is also the founder and chairman of Charity Alliance, author and translator of over 40 books in Arabic, English and Urdu and has contributed to the Encyclopaedia of Islam. He is a regular commentator on Al Jazeera and BBC Arabic and his writings appear in Arabic newspapers and magazines. He has been consecutively been elected as President of the All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat.
  • Ehsan Latif

    Ehsan studied Engineering and holds a Masters' in Business Studies. He has worked for many years in the corporate sector and being a British Pakistani, is a keen observer of politics in Britain and Pakistan. He is passionate in his support for the political parties that he believes fight for justice and the rights of common people. He has been a keen supporter of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI) since its inception in Pakistan. He was born in Pakistan but moved to Britain over a decade ago.
  • Elias Abdullah

    Elias is a British Muslim working as a young professional in the city of London. He has a keen interest in Islamic activism, stemming from his university ISOC and FOSIS experience. Outside of a career, his main focus is in grassroots projects aimed at youth engagement.
  • Fahad Ansari

    Fahad Ansari is an Immigration and Human Rights Solicitor, Writer, Activist. He has also authored a number of articles and reports on international human rights, social discrimination and anti-terrorism legislation to mainstream papers and policy makers.
  • Fatima Barakatullah

    Fatima went on to study Arabic and Islamic studies in Egypt at prominent institutes such as Al Fajr Center, Qortoba Institute and a college of Al Azhar University and is training to be an Islamic Scholar at a seminary here in the UK and through regular visits abroad. She has been an important contributor to the discourse surrounding Muslim women in the West. She contributed to the Westminster Faith Debates, documentaries and live shows which have been broadcast on BBC Radio, the World Service, as well as BBC Television, Channel 4 and Islam Channel. Additionally, Fatima has written for the national newspaper The Times and contributed to Times Online's Faith section on topics promoting the understanding of Islam. She has contributed to a number of Muslim publications such as Al-Jumuah Magazine, Emel Magazine, The Muslim Weekly and SISTERS Magazine. Currently Fatima is Director of SEEDS OF CHANGE - the biggest Muslim women's conference in Europe and lecturer for iERA. Her most recent project is Secrets of a Muslim Women.
  • Friends of Al-Aqsa

    Friends of Al-Aqsa is a UK based non-profit making NGO concerned with defending the human rights of Palestinians and protecting the sacred al-Aqsa Sanctuary in Jerusalem. This vision is supported by various international groups and organisations. Friends of Al-Aqsa was first established in 1997 and now has an international support base.
  • Ustadh Gulraz Gachi

    Ustadh Gulraz is currently pursuing post-graduate studies in Islamic law at Ummul Qura University (Makkah).
  • Ghulam Esposito Haydar

    Ghulam Esposito Haydar is a qualified Pharmacist and currently works in the Greater Manchester area. He has a special interest in Neuropsychiatric disorders having completed undergraduate elective modules in this area as well as completing a masters theses on this subject. He is highly active in the Da’wah and New Muslim Support circles in his city – Manchester. He sits of the board for the Myriad Foundation and fulfils the role of head of Public Relations as well as leading on their services, My Cancer Buddy and the Manchester New Muslim Network.
  • Harith Shah

    A volunteer for the Myriad Foundation
  • Shaikh (Dr) Haitham Al-Haddad

    Dr. Haitham al-Haddad is a jurist and serves as a judge for the Islamic Council of Europe. He has studied the Islamic sciences for over 20 years under the tutelage of renowned scholars such as the late Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia as well as the retired Head of the Kingdom's Higher Judiciary Council. He specialises in many of the Islamic sciences and submitted his doctoral thesis on Islamic jurisprudence concerning Muslim minorities. Shaikh Haitham is highly respected having specialised knowledge in the field of fiqh, usul al-fiqh, maqasid al-shari'ah, ulum al-Qur’an, tafsir, aqidah, and fiqh al-hadith. He provides complex theories which address the role of Islamic jurisprudence within a western environment whilst also critically re-analysing the approach of Islamic jurists in forming legal rulings (ifta’) within a western socio-political context. He has many well known students most of whom are active in dawah and teaching in the West. The shaikh is an Islamic jurist (faqih) and as such is qualified to deliver verdicts as a judge under Islamic law, a role he undertakes at the Islamic Council of Europe as Islamic judge and treasurer. Dr Haitham al-Haddad also sits on various the boards of advisors for Islamic organisations, mainly in the United Kingdom but also around the world.
  • Hamza Andreas Tzortzis

    Hamza Andreas Tzortzis is an international public speaker on Islam, a writer, lecturer, instructor and researcher. He is particularly interested in Islam, politics, western and Islamic thought and philosophy. Hamza delivers workshops, seminars and courses on the foundations of Islamic thought. He is an instructor for iERA and AlKauthar Institute. Hamza has also delivered a short course on the intellectual foundations of Islam for the Islamic Online University for their Diploma course. Hamza is one of the main initiators of the contemporary emergence of Muslim public debaters and speakers using western and Islamic philosophy to defend and explain Islam. Hamza heads the research team and Lectures for iERA.
  • Hamza Imran Nisar

    Hamza Imran Nisar is a Law student. He is currently completing his LLM at SOAS in International Law. He graduated with an LLB Law degree from Brunel University London. He also recently completed the Sabeel Development course with MRDF. His interests lie in Post-Colonial theory, International Criminal law, the law of Armed Conflict, and Islamic law. He volunteers for CAGE as a caseworker and research assistant. He was part of FOSIS's London student affairs team and was an active member of his ISOC. He has a keen interest in history and politics, and is currently learning martial arts. He hopes to pursue a PhD in the near future.
  • Hamza Saleem

    Hamza is an Optometry student at Cardiff University. He is also a student on the Sabeel Development Programme. He has been involved in his university Islāmic Society and many other university-based projects. Hamza hopes to combine a future career as an Optometrist with work within the community.

    Helping Households Under Great Stress (HHUGS) is a UK registered charity that exists to provide financial, emotional, and practical support and advice to Muslim households impacted by counter-terrorism, national security and extremism-related laws, policies and procedures, in the UK and abroad.
  • Hisham Jafar Ali

    Hishām Ja’far ‘Alī is a student of knowledge and khatīb from the UAE, studying Electrical engineering at the University of Nottingham and a BA in Sharī'a with EISH.
  • Imran Shah

    Imran became a Palestinian rights and Islamophobia a ctivist shortly after gaining his Masters in Physics. During hisyears of activism, he has worked with a diverse range of activist organisations, specialising in social media and grass roots activism, as well as commenting on issues of Islamophobia on platforms such as 5 Pillars, PRESS TV & BBC Asian Network, and he writes in his personal capacity. He also blogs posts on poetry and philosophy. His twitter handle is @imranshah884.
  • Ismael Abdela

    Ismael Abdela is an Anthropology graduate from the London School of Economics. He spent some years studying Islamic Sciences in Qaseem, Saudi Arabia. He is now a keen social entrepreneur. Ismael likes to write about spiritual reflections, social commentary and tafsīr. He is particularly interested in putting religion in conversation with the social sciences.
  • Ismail Adam Patel

    Ismail Patel (born 1963) is a British optician, and founder of Friends of Al-Aqsa, in Leicester, about 1995. He is an advisory board member of the Conflicts Forum, director of IslamExpo, and a member of the Special Advisory Board of Clear Conscience. He writes commentary for The Guardian, and The Independent, Aljazeera English, and Arabian Business.
  • J. E. Millington, Jr.

    An American writer and currently a contributing blogger to many sites including saudi life and middleeastposts, currently John resides in Saudi Arabia.
  • Jahangir Mohammed

    Jahangir is the Director of the Centre for Muslim Affairs
  • Kamran Zakariya

    Kamran is a former chartered accountant. In his spare time, he is involved in various charitable endeavors both at work and at home. He is married with 4 children and now lives in the United Kingdom.
  • Khadeejah Aabid Syed

    Khadeejah completed her A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths, and is embarking on an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences. She is an avid charity volunteer, and enjoys various sports during her spare time. Currently she is completing her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.
  • Khuram Malik

    Khuram Malik is the Founder and Chief Strategist at Stratagem.io, a consultancy that helps businesses figure out how to get from 'here' to 'there'. He is also the author of the upcoming book series, Billion Dollar Muslim: Spiritual Inspiration for the Muslim Entrepreneur.
  • Laura Stuart

    Housewife, Human rights activist & revert to Islam
  • Manija Omar

    Manija is a member of the management committee at the islamic integration community centre and a part time education coordinator. She is the trustee of the british afghan women society and co-founder of REACH, an organisation dedicated to supporting victims of forced marriages. She runs events and campaigns as an activist within her locality and in her spare time she volunteers at Feltham Foodbank & enjoys writing on current affairs.
  • Dr Mohamed Soudan

    Dr Mohamed Soudan is the Foreign Affairs Secretary of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party in Egypt, and took a leading role in its formation. During Mohamed Morsi's presidency he also acted as the Chief Consultant Engineer to the Governor of Alexandria.
  • Mohammad Arshad

    Mohammad is currently Head of Community Development at the Islamic Education & Research Academy (iERA). He is also a specialist in effectivity and performance management and provides training in those fields. He galvanised his experience at Xerox and the AlMaghrib Institute (not to mention his Qur'an classes for children).
  • Mohammed Ibrahim al-Shafi'i

    Mohammed converted to Islam at the age of 17 and soon thereafter began his Islamic studies. He is currently studying under Sh Dr Akram Nadwi and works as a Fundraising Officer at Muntada Aid.
  • Mohbub Rahman

    Mohbub is a Legal Risk Analyst and a volunteer relief worker for Human Aid UK.
  • Moin Qazi

    Moin Qazi is a well known banker, author and journalist. He holds doctorates in Economics and English. He received an Honorary DLitt at the World Congress of Poets in Istanbul in 1991. He is author of several books on Islam including bestselling biographies of the Prophet Muhammad and the Caliph Umar. He writes regularly for several international publications and was Visiting Fellow at the University of Manchester. He is also a recipient of UNESCO World Politics Essay Gold Medal and Rotary International’s Vocational Excellence Award. He is based in Nagpur and can be reached at [email protected]
  • Moulana Yunus Dudhwala

    Moulana Yunus Dudhwala is currently the Chair of the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC). He has been involved in certification of the Halal industry over the past ten years. He is also Head of Chaplaincy & Bereavement Services at Barts Health NHS Trust, located in an area with one of the most diverse populations in the country. He started providing spiritual care to patients on a voluntary basis in 1998, prior to his appointment as the first person from a minority faith to head a chaplaincy service in the NHS. In 2010, he was awarded the NHS employee of the year for his exemplary work as a Muslim chaplain. He has also served as a mosque Imam in Seven Kings and East Ham and also worked as a full-time Imam at the high security Belmarsh Prison. Originally from Blackburn and a graduate of Darul-Uloom, Bury and Al-Azhar University, Cairo, he is a regular speaker at Islamic events and mosques around the country.
  • MRDF

    The foundation strives to articulate Islam in a modern context and address the unique situation and challenges faced by Muslims in the West. An integral focus as a means to this end is the study, analysis & presentation of classical Islamic scholarship and its contemporary application.
  • Mufti Taqi Usmani

    Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani is a Hanafi Islamic scholar from Pakistan. He served as a judge on the Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan from 1981 to 1982 and the Shariat Appellate Bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan between 1982 and 2002. He is an expert in the fields of Islamic Jurisprudence (fiqh), economics and hadith. He also held a number of positions on the Shariah Boards of prestigious Islamic institutions, and is one of the most influential Islamic authors outside the Middle East.
  • Muhammad Asad

    Muhammad works in education and holds undergraduate degrees in History and Law. He studied Arabic and Qur'an in his teens and during his time at University took an active part in the ISOC and organised lectures and other charity events for students. He currently enjoys studying and writing about Islamic and British History.
  • Muhammad Ibrāhīm Mūsā

    Muhammad is a conscientious Muslim activist who writes on issues of terrorism law and policy. He hopes to use his legal expertise to highlight the injustices being perpetrated on the Muslim community.
  • Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat

    Muhammad has lived in the Middle East for eight years. He holds a B.A. in International Affairs from Qatar University and is currently pursuing an M.A. in International Politics at the University of Manchester in the UK.
  • Mukhtar Master

    Mukhtar Master has a BSc (Hons) in Business Information Technology and has worked in Local Government as a manager for over 20 years. He has been active for many years in the local political scene and also the anti-war movement in the UK.
  • Prof Ilan Pappé

    Ilan Pappé is an expatriate Israeli historian and socialist activist. He is a professor with the College of Social Sciences and International Studies at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, director of the university's European Centre for Palestine Studies, and co-director of the Exeter Centre for Ethno-Political Studies. He is the author of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine (2006), The Modern Middle East (2005), A History of Modern Palestine: One Land, Two Peoples (2003), and Britain and the Arab-Israeli Conflict (1988).
  • Quratulayn Haamidah

    Quratulayn is a student of knowledge in the Hanafi school of law. She has studied law, works professionally and takes a keen interest in Muslim public affairs.
  • Reem Ahmed

    Reem is a journalist, researcher and graduate from the University of London. She is currently studying for a Masters, and her areas of interests include but are not limited to Education and Current Affairs.
  • Shaikh Abu Rumaysah Refi Shafi

    Abu Rumaysah Refi Shafi was born and brought up in High Wycombe. He currently studies with Shaykh Haitham Al-Haddad and, previously, Shaykh Abu AbdiRahman Al-Libee. He graduated from Imperial College from the faculty of Electronic Engineering. He currently works as a Software Engineer and is the chairman of WISE (Wycombe Islamic Society). He is very active in his local community, especially with his Masjid and working with youth. He has translated a number of books such as 'The Criterion between the Friends of Allah and the Friends of Shaytan,' and 'Relief from Distress (the Dua of Yunus 'alayhī al-Salām),' both by Ibn Taymiyyah as well as many others. He has also written an explanation of Surah al-Fatihah called ‘The Spiritual Cure.’ He currently gives weekly circles in High Wycombe on a variety of topics covering aqidah, fiqh, hadith, tafsir and Arabic Language. He is also a Lecturer for MRDF.
  • Saadia Hamayun

    Saadia Humayun is pursuing Biomedical Engineering. She currently works as a Motion Graphic Artist for LiveDeen and Azan, two non-profit Da'wah organisations in Pakistan that conduct Islamic workshops and conferences inviting scholars from abroad. She also volunteers at AlKauthar Institute and blogs in her spare time at callofthedusk.wordpress.com.
  • Sadia Habib

    Sadia Habib taught English at Key Stages 3, 4 and 5. She is a PhD candidate in Educational Studies at Goldsmiths University of London. She is also an editor for The Sociological Imagination. You can follow Sadia on Twitter @educ_research
  • Sairah Yassir

    Sairah Yassir is a graduate in French and International Politics who currently works in research of alternative civilisations contributions to science, technology and civilisation. She is active in local Palestine action and community campaigns in Manchester and has a keen interest in social and political affairs.
  • Saleem Chagtai

    Saleem is a Muslim Chaplain, with a rich background in Islamic knowledge including Islamic Creed, Principles of Islamic jurisprudence and Principles of interpreting the Qur'an. Saleem has been very active in the field of dawah ranging from grass-roots dawah stalls to delivering lectures at Universities and also internationally, such as at the prestigious American University of Beirut (Lebanon). Saleem is a regular participant on radio phone-in debates and has presented numerous television shows on channels such as Islam Channel and IQRA TV, explaining Islam in a positive light to the general public. He also serves as Imam and khateeb at a number of Mosques in London. Saleem is a great defender of Islamic orthodoxy and believes Muslims should derive inspiration from their long scholarly tradition. Currently he is a lecturer and trainer for iERA and is Head of Communications.
  • Salim Bhorat

    Salim Bhorat runs a business and technology consultancy. He was part of the first Muslim group to join the Stop The War coalition—JUSTPEACE (Muslims for Justice and Peace)—when it formed in 2001 and continues to work on such causes. He is also a part of the Independent Muslim Forum in Bolton which provides an independent Muslim voice to promote cooperation, consensus and unity on the Muslim affairs in the wider community. He is also involved in a service for finding brothers and sisters good Muslim marriage partners with a concern to keep people upon the Dīn.
  • Selahattin Yazar

    Selahattin is Islam21c's correspondent in the Netherlands. He studied International Politics and now works for various media websites. He is from a Dutch-Turkish background.
  • Shamiul Joarder

    Shamiul is the Head of Public Affairs for Friends of Al Aqsa.
  • Sheikh Shaqur Rehman

    Sheikh Shaqur Rehman has completed a PGCE along with an MA in Applied Linguistics. He preceded his secular studies with a traditional Islamic education beginning in Egypt in 1999-2001 which he further developed in Syria and Saudi Arabia whilst teaching English in various universities and institutions. During his Islamic studies, he managed to memorise the Holy Qur’an and attain authorisation (Ijaza) in recitation and various Islamic sciences including theology and jurisprudence. Shaqur is currently a Senior Advisor at the Islamic Council of Europe.
  • Shaykh Sajid Umar

    Sheikh Sajid Ahmed Umar initially pursued a degree in IT, graduating with a first class result. He went on to successfully open an IT business. Alongside his contemporary studies, Sheikh Sajid completed the memorization of the Qur'an at the age of 18. Subsequently, he turned his attention towards Islamic Studies. He completed a 3-year University Diploma in Arabic language and Islamic Sciences at Imaam Muhammed bin Saud Islamic University, he later attained a Bachelors degree in Sharī'ah and thereafter a Masters degree in Judiciary (Qadha), with a first class honours, from the Higher Institute for Judiciary Studies (Ma'had al-'āli li'l-Qa'dhā). He trained as a judge and successfully completed a thesis on the topic of Liquidity Management using the famous Repurchase Agreement (REPO) contract, as well as its rulings and permitted alternatives. He is now pursuing his PhD in the Higher Institute of Judiciary at Al-Imam University. Sheikh Sajid has played an integral part in Islamic academic development worldwide he has authored several articles and dissertations in both Arabic and English pertaining to the Islamic Sciences; lectures at Knowledge International University; is Director of Islamic Development for Mercy Mission World; lectures at AlKauthar Institute and is Chief Islamic Editor for a magazine among various other commendable endeavours.
  • Shifaa Choudhury

    Shifaa Choudhury graduated from BSc Psychology at The University of Birmingham and is currently studying a diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Previously on the Admin team for MRDF, Shifaa aspires to be a published writer and counsellor. As of yet, she has started her own blog and facebook page to help those struggling with mental health issues.
  • Sofia Ahmed

    Sofia is an activist, writer and aspiring journalist. She currently resides in Manchester and works in the Health Care sector. She is the founder of Muslim Women Against Femen and #MuslimahPride. Find her on twitter @sofiaahmed1.
  • Ustadh Abu Haneefah Sohail

    Abu Haneefah is an educationalist and student of knowledge. He has worked extensively in community projects in the UK. He holds regular study circles on reflections on the Qur'ān and his field of expertise is the tarbiyya of young people.
  • Steeve Brador

    Steeve has been involved in da'wah and community work in France and in the UK for about 10 years. Since 2010, he has been launching and heading “Muslim Now” the new Muslim department of the Islamic Education & Research Academy (iERA). He specialises in developing effective structures to educate and empower new Muslims so that they can establish firm foundations and become strong believers, insha Allah.
  • Syed Haider

    A PhD candidate at SOAS and English teacher.
  • Tahir Alam

    Tahir Alam is former school governor and chair of Park View Educational Trust. He has been working to help improve schools in underprivileged areas for twenty years. He was at the core of the infamous Trojan Hoax scandal and has been vilified and banned by the Department for Education from working in education as a result.
  • Dr Taimullah Abu-Laban

    Dr Taimullah has been active as a Muslim writer and lecturer in Denmark throughout the last decade. His writings usually deal with political and cultural issues related to Muslims in Europe and in the Middle East. He chairs a committee in a large Muslim organization dedicated to building strong ties between Muslim organizations, and connecting with influential non-Muslim thinkers, activists and politicians as well. The youth wings of Denmark’s various political parties invite him frequently for lectures and debates.
  • Najla Islam Ali

    Najla has a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from City University, an MA in Islamic Studies from Markfield Institute, accredited by Loughborough University, an MA in Woman and Child Abuse from London Metropolitan University, as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Islamic Counselling also accredited by Loughborough University and a TEFL certificate. She currently lives in Egypt with her husband and kids, where she studies Qur'an and Arabic Language privately.
  • Umm Safiyyah

    Umm Safiyyah holds a Diploma in Child Care and Education and a Bachelors degree in Psychology. She has written a number of books with a primary focus on children such as topics related to their upbringing and issues affecting them. She has a particular interest in the formative years of childhood and encourages early intervention for children's development.
  • Ustādh Imran Shah

    Imran is the spokesman for The Islamic Society in Denmark and current board member with the responsibility of media and politics. He has been engaged in dawah and outreach work since 2000. He studied languages, economy and politics at Copenhagen Business School.
  • Dr Uthman Khan

    Dr Uthman Khan is an Academic and student of knowledge. He was born and brought up in London, where he completed a Masters in Engineering. He has studied Arabic, Quran, various Islamic Sciences and other topics with scholars from the UK, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. He also completed a PhD in Applied Science by devising a novel approach for engineering design. Uthman remains active in research and is dedicated to sharing knowledge and ideas.
  • Vath S

    Vath obtained her degree in Medicine from a London university and subsequently worked within the NHS. After the birth of her first child, she decided to redirect her energies. One of her main drivers is inculcating the essence of the Sunnah into the daily lives of our Ummah. She is currently active in her local community. Much of her inspiration is derived from conversations with her family and the intelligent women who surround her.
  • Waseem Raja

    Waseem Raja is a Solicitor working in civil litigation, personal injury, immigration and human rights cases. He is particularly interested in the Seerah of our beloved Prophet (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) having studied the early generations of Islam with a particular focus on the era of the Sahaba. He is also an accredited Police Station representative specialising in criminal law.
  • Yasmin khatun

    Yasmin Khatun is a journalist and producer, working in both print and broadcast. At the Islam Channel she produces news programme The Report and works on investigative documentaries. In her written work she contributes to various publications including The Huffington Post, writing about current affairs, ethics & fashion.
  • Yasir Reda

    Yasir Reda is currently working as an IT consultant having graduated from university with a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems. He is a keen reader of Islamic literature and of Egyptian origin. Although he has grown up in the UK, Yasser is an avid political activist and is proud to have been involved in some of the protests against the police and army post-coup in Cairo, Egypt. Yasser's work stems from a combination of experience, reading and close correspondence with people directly involved and affected by current affairs in Egypt and the Middle-East and is an author for Islam21c
  • Yazan Abu-Jbara

    Yazan has an MSc in International Development from Bristol University and is an ardent Palestine activist, taking part in many initiatives in support of the Palestinian cause. Yazan has engaged in arranging student exchange programmes between Gaza and the UK and is a keen researcher and academic on the issue, delivered research papers at universities including Oxford surrounding the Palestinian identity problem. Yazan left the UK just over a year ago to work with a relief agency working with Syrian refugees on the Jordanian border. Through this work, he has come heard many first hand accounts of the Syrian struggle and the suffering of the refugees. He is now a regular contributor for Islam21c alongside the Middle East current affairs team.
  • Yusuf Patel

    Yusuf Patel is the founder of SREIslamic, which provides advice, support and training to parents concerned with how Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) is taught in schools, particularly at the primary level. SRE Islamic has conducted hundreds of seminars across the country since it was founded in 2008 in order to inform Muslim parents of their legal rights in the area of SRE as well as running workshops covering the responsibility of Muslim parents to impart age appropriate sex education in line with their values. Yusuf is the Beneficiary Support Manager at the charity, HHUGS, that supports families impacted by anti-terror legislation.
  • Z A Rahman

    Z.A Rahman is a community activist and a member of a large Mosque in the UK. He graduated in Law, specialising in discrimination law and now works for a leading national company. He has a keen interest in politics and history, particularly Islamic history. He also enjoys traveling and has visited numerous countries in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Zahed Fettah

    Zahed completed his LLB Law degree from the University of Birmingham and a BA in Sharī'ah Law from the European Institute of Human Sciences. He holds ijazahs in Fiqh and Hadith, with the focus of his studies being in Fiqh. He is currently a teacher of Arabic and Islamic Studies.
  • Dr Zahid Siddique

    Dr Zahid Siddique (BDS,Mpharm) studied both Pharmacy at Portsmouth University and Dentistry at Kings College London.
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