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Thousands Across the Globe Gather in Solidarity for Uyghurs #Stand4Uyghurs  

Maira Mirza 2 Min Read

On Sunday the 31st July thousands across the globe in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Toronto CA, Washington DC, Auckland NZ, Johannesburg SA, Istanbul, and Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane AUS took to the streets

This Sunday: We Make History Insha’Allah

Maira Mirza 13 Min Read

London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Washington DC, Toronto, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Auckland, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, inshāAllāh. 

#Stand4Uyghurs Twitter Storm

Editor 7 Min Read

On Wednesday #Stand4Uyghurs trend everywhere!

International Khutbah Day for Uyghurs – 29th July

News Editor 3 Min Read

This Friday congregations across the world will be united in talking about and making du'a for the Uyghurs suffering genocide in East Turkestan #Stand4Uyghurs

Chinese embassy shamefully barricades entrance during Stand4Uyghurs art demo

Maira Mirza 7 Min Read

Acclaimed artist Shams took to the street armed with his paint cans alongside Sh Haitham, Hamza Tzortzis, Sh Abu Anas and others

Remembering the Urumchi Massacre – 5 July 2009

Dr Suraina Pasha 5 Min Read

Why do Uyghurs commemorate 5th July?