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The Importance of Boycotts and #CheckTheLabel

“It can be seen that boycott has successfully been a tool used to bring about change for many years throughout history. Most recently, boycotts of Israel across all sectors have been called for worldwide as a protest against their occupation and ill-treatment of the Palestinian people."

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Imāms and Masjid committees must inform their congregations of the 18 degrees prayer timing

Visit for your cities Ramadān calendar. You can also receive daily prayer times for your exact location using our handy telegram bot. All praise be to Allāh and may the peace and blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad.  The ...

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Prominent figures express outrage at Tariq Ramadan’s treatment and call for due process

Incarcerated for over four months, Tariq Ramadan has been denied appropriate treatment for a serious pre-existing medical condition and denied access to his full legal file. In response, a worldwide appeal of journalists, politicians, scholars and academics are speaking out in an open letter...

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