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Uyghur Tribunal underway with bone-chilling survivor testimonies

“The girl came in and shouted, ‘Class has started, class has started,’ shouting and opening the door of each cell. The cells locked with chains were opened. I saw them coming out. When I looked at them as they came out, I noticed that they were older adults with chains on their hands and feet. I burst into tears every time I give a testimony about them.”

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British government facing criticism for “abetting genocide of Uyghur Muslims” by exporting techniques and training to Chinese Communist Party

In June 2016 the British government initiated a project codenamed Project Hunter that in part aimed to export the toxic and failing Prevent programme across the world. Specifically, the project aimed to introduce the programme into China, allegedly so that Chinese Community Party (CCP) leaders could experiment and implement it on the Uyghur people of East Turkestan.

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