“Why can’t you have two mums, Amina?”

Little Amina is asked to take part in a role play in her primary school classroom, with her friend Sara.

It’s like any other day at school. However there’s something different about this role-playing excercise.

The teacher has engineered this—as part of a campaign in order to “smash” so-called “heteronormativity” in primary schools.


Amina and Sara are asked to play two mums “married” to each other. When Amina’s natural disposition (fitra), which her parents worked hard to preserve from birth, automatically questions this, she is uncritically shut down by the very voice that she expects to nurture her emotional and intellectual growth—the teacher. She feels bullied into feeling like her natural question—who’s going to be the daddy?—is something incorrect, or to be ashamed of or mocked.

This is a story played-out increasingly across the world where privileged and powerful pressure groups’ ideological, social and moral constructs are imposed on others—particularly minorities—as though they are universal facts about the world. And it starts at school.

We are telling this story to show how subtle this exercise of coercion is, how easily done, and how easily overlooked by parent


After all, do you think…

Will Amina speak to her parents about this? 

Do her parents have the time and resources to articulate their disagreement clearly—and confidently—with her school? 
Do they know their rights as parents?

What would you do in this situation?

How would you deal with this?

Would you tell Amina to ignore it, ‘change the subject’ quickly


Would you simply ignore it yourself 

Some people have an agenda to create division and polarisation, spinning this into an issue of Muslims being backwards or intolerant; when ironically it is in fact Muslims who are calling for greater tolerance of genuine diversity and freedom of conscience—which other non-Muslim minorities afraid to speak up often thank us for.

Many parents complain there is a lack of clear guidance about this topic,

and are exhausted by the flurry of sensationalist and polarising stories filling up their news feeds and WhatsApp groups every now and then. There is an overload of information—and plenty of fake news—what do they do?


Tonight could be Laylatul Qadr.
Don't let this opportunity go.

Why this Production?

Our latest production is showing you a very important, heart-touching series of stories we’ve been working on to highlight the plight of many a normal British Muslim family, to stress the importance of Islam21c’s work.
Some of it will shock you, some of it may anger you. But this reality is happening right now and we anticipate that many Muslim families like yours will be facing these situations and won’t know what to do.
You can be part of the solution and help others to become confident, in their deen.
Be unapologetic and stand up for what is right 

We are working towards a solution

Our Mission
“To see every Muslim confident & impacting the world”
For the last 15 years Islam21c has been equipping Muslims to be confident in Islam.
Our strength of looking to build Muslims of the future, makes it slightly more
 difficult for some to see the importance of building confidence and impact in Muslims.
 It takes foresight to see the importance of sowing seeds of a 
strong, confident, impactful community tomorrow, today.
Challenges Ahead
The times we live in require these people not to give up but to continue to take action to build strength and change the situation of Muslims, before the inconvenient obstacles of today become the insurmountable challenges or crises of tomorrow. Indoctrination of children under the pretext of “Relationships Education”; our youth’s confidence in Islām; the problematisation of Muslimness; stigmatising Muslim minorities as an ‘enemy within’; structural injustice; Islamophobia; the list of challenges Islam21c provides leading discourse and narratives on—by the grace of Allāh—goes on, and is increasing.
This requires us to continue our work to overcome these major obstacles to Muslim confidence and empowerment, such as that shown in the story above.

Right Now,
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After 9/11, Islam21c became one of the most credible, trustworthy and
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We are asking the community to invest in this project. In 2020 we reached over 
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Unfortunately without funds we are unable to carry on with our mission.

Tonight you can save many Muslim families who are desperately seeking guidance. 

 “Islam21c has helped me understand the beauty of being a Muslim, through the many wise words it has given me light through those times where darkness was all I could see and feel. Although I am very far from being at the basic stage, I am so happy in having this organisation provide this wonderful experience at the tip of my finger. “

 “Its made me confident in expressing my opinions and an Islamic perspective at the workplace”

“It has helped me to better understand Islam in the modern world. Despite my busy schedules, I was able to inculcate and build Islamic values, doctrines and rituals into my daily life in relation to friends, family and coworkers”

“Whatever piece of information I read, I’m inspired, touched and motivated to act upon it. The knowledge I’ve received from Islam21c has encouraged me to strive in being a better Muslimah, my connection with Allah SWT is better than before alhamdulillah. I feel part of the family”

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