"I saw a Muslim in need of guidance,
but no one was there
to assist him."

We never ever want to hear someone say that line above.

Yet the 21st century is home to millions of adult Muslims desperately

searching for answers,

losing confidence to practice and

confused how Islam fits in today’s world.

The problem is worse amongst our youth and will be even worse for our next generation.

Islam21c is our chance to prevent this from happening and your chance to get the reward for it. 

We empower you and millions more by equipping you with Islamic guidance and solutions so you are confident in your identity and faith to then impact others to be the same.

This is an urgent appeal to raise £100,000 for Islam21c. The pandemic has seriously impacted us financially.
Without your support this organisation cannot continue.
Takes just 1 minute

The reward is huge for saving someone’s hereafter.

More and more of our brothers and sisters are


Losing their confidence in their religion 


Losing their emaan and leaving Islam 


Your sadqa Jariya today could save Your hereafter

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