In Their Shoes


[TARGET £10,000]

Help us end this evil practice.

No child should have to suffer this pain.

This campaign needs your URGENT support.

Every Child has the right to both parents. 


You can help Muslim children have meaningful access to both parents and not be weaponised in marital breakdowns.

The effects on children’s wellbeing and their futures are highly concerning, with far reaching consequences for the whole Muslim community. If we do not act now and raise awareness to what is naturally an emotionally driven problem, we face a future of broken children and broken families, with all the unwanted side effects that inevitably come with this.


Achieved So Far

Since launching the campaign, it has been received by tens of thousands of Muslims. Prominent organisations have joined us in collectively calling for dialogue and action on the matter. The campaign has been featured in media outlets, and influential personalities have voiced their support and shared our concerns.


If we dont fundraise what we need then we won’t be able to deliver a campaign again this year. We urgently need to raise these funds or we won’t be able to grow the campaign into the next phase and scale up our efforts from the last 4 months, and reach hundreds of thousands of Muslims across the UK and beyond


Safeguarding Our Future

Our Children are our future, the campaign must do them justice by reaching the eyes and ears of those who need to hear it before an injustice is committed.

Already we are receiving many calls and requests for support.
This is Islam21c’s first major impact campaign but not our last inshāAllāh. One of the successes of the campaign has been the ability to make hundreds of connections with grassroots organisations, institutes and activists amongst the Muslim community.
Looking to the future, there are many more social ills we must tackle, by supporting us today you are investing in our capacity to deliver future campaigns as well as #InTheirShoes.
Please share this page with your family, friends and social networks, and help spread the awareness required in safeguarding children.
If you or anyone you know is going through this tragedy please visit our campaign website for guidance and help.
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