"My Child Committed Suicide in Ramadan"

We pray we never hear these words from a parent, Ever.
Unfortunately, this was not the case this Ramadan
The Ummah lost a little boy who committed suicide

Tonight on this LAST odd night we are appealing to you once again to stand with Islam21c
and help us combat a condition that is taking our community by storm: Mental health and Depression

100 tonight with the right intention could equal £100 x700 x 1000 months!

£90,015.30 90%

29th of Ramadan -
"Deeds are judged by their endings " [Bukhari]

You guys have been amazing in supporting
Islam21c this Ramadan. JazakAllah Khaiyran
for all your support and effort. Your sadqa
gives us the strength to transform the
Lives of More People

 Sadness and ultimately suicide by Muslims is sadly on the rise at an alarming rate. We are tired of sharing statistics. We wanted to make a bigger impact and offer consolidation to our brothers and sisters directly in time of need, extreme loneliness and darkness. 

We joined forces with Shaykh Ali Hammuda to bring you this amazing series. Full of advice in line with the Quran and Sunnah. 

The response has been amazing. We now need your support to help us complete 

the Inked Remedy project.

"The world is closing in on me. Im broken and in need of support"

The Inked Remedy is a beautiful series for those looking for comfort in any situation
and speaks out to those in that desperate moment in time.

We are tired of sharing statistics


 The last two years have been difficult for all of us. Loosing family members to Covid. Loss of jobs and income. Struggling to make ends meet. Anxiety and stress taking a toll on our health. Truly these are difficult times. If we do not resort to the Quran and sunnah for answers, then we will suffer a bigger loss.

This series is aimed for anyone who is:

This 11 part series bought to you by Islam21c consists of inspiring and motivation remedies for the soul, from the Quran and the Sunnah to uplift those in dark times.
Alhamdulilah this project has received an amazing response. 
We have busily produced 3 episodes already (which you may have seen already) But we need your help to complete the remaining episodes insha’Allah. 
 As we are reaching out to more people, e-mails have flooded in requesting the Inked Remedy book. “Where’s the inked remedy book? We want to buy it!
Seeing the demand and how it can serve as a manual to those who are in need,
Alhamduilah Allah swt has given us the opportunity to accompany the series with a
book- Inked Remedy Publication-
where the users not only read it but live within its pages.
All created with an aim to help them those who suffer
to shake the dust from their feet once for all and proceed
as positive practicing and productive Muslims.


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“Islam 21c has benefited me immensely whether it’s gaining some beneficial knowledge or just come advice on how to deal with day-to-day issues. It also advises us on how to get our connection with Allah stronger”


“Islam21c is a key and leading resource for me. I’ve used the content and knowledge to assist my community, improve my knowledge and even how to address more challenging topics. The Podcasts are top 3 in the World as they cover a range of topics in a easy and inquisitive manner”


“I love listening to unscripted podcast. They really help me building my confidence. I am becoming more and more confident to practice my religion and stand up for it”

“Islam21c, I can wholeheartedly say, has constantly been the light in addressing key topics throughout the world at a deep Islamic level. As a professional practising Muslim, not many sites over such key analytical insights that one can confidently take into one’s life. Also, the podcasts are an amazing bonus to the site, talking in a relaxed setting with important players within the Islamic world.”

May Allah swt bless you for all the beneficial articles presented in an easy digest format.
I have learnt so much. I have followed Islam21c for ten years now.’
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