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I’m raising £300 to support Islam21c so they can run POWERFUL impact campaigns to transform Muslims to be confident and impactful once again.

 We need Your support to reach the masses!

Look at the amazing impact we had,  when we awoke few thousand to our Stand4Uyghur campaign- a campaign initiated by Islam21c resulted in one of the BIGGEST demonstration for Uyghur brothers and sisters.

Together, we put China in a position where they had to open the masaajid for the Uyghurs!

Allahu Akbar –  an amazing victory!

Imagine if we could have a similar impact on the other challenges we need to deal with as an ummah?

–   And many more

For the last 13 years Islam21c inspires Muslims with the confidence to tackle today’s challenges head on and impact others to do the same via transformational digital media.

JazakAllah khair for your support


May Allah swt accept it and multiply your rewards. Ameen


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