“While they were beating me, I cried out ‘Ya Allah!’.
This made them beat me even more, mocking me saying ‘Go and find your god!’

These are the words of your sister, Zumrat Dawut, describing what happened to her in a concentration camp in Chinese-occupied East Turkestan. She was one of the many brave Uyghur women who gave evidence at the recent Uyghur Tribunal held in Westminster , attended by Islam21c, a few weeks ago. 

While she was being tortured in a concentration camp for over 60 days, her husband, who is a Pakistani citizen, threatened Chinese officials that he would go to the media. And guess what—she was released.

Action of ONE man saved her life!

Imagine What a Difference a United Body Could Make in Our World

Now is the time for change

Islam21c was founded on the principles of defending Muslims’ rights. We have been working hard behind the scenes since our inception to create a united front against hatred, taking real actions to make a difference. Using the power of the media and our influence to effect good change in our community for Muslims.

The situation of sister Zumrat and many more Muslims like her around the world makes our work even more meaningful. 


Islam21c Editor, Dr. Salman Butt challenging the government through the Courts for PREVENT, the government’s so-called “counter-extremism” strategy. Dr.Salman Butt won the case. The case was featured on Channel 4 and RT news

Islam21c Editor, Dr. Salman Butt on SKY NEWS challenging the media narrative on the Muslim parents RSE protest


Parents of little Tafida approaching Islam21c to campaign for her right to leave the UK to receive urgent medical care.


​Islam21c last year launched first nationwide campaign ‘In their Shoes’ highlighting the toxic situation of children during divorce and to ensure children receive more love not less during disputes. Campaign was featured on Islam Channel, Eman Channel, the Muslim Council of Britain ( to name a few). Over 50 khateebs took part in making this public during a National Khutba Day. Reach audience: over 100,000

Stand for Uyghurs National Khutba Day – happening right now

As you are reading this Islam21c has teamed with Masajids and khateebs across the nation to deliver a khutba of hope and solutions for the situation Uighurs are facing. Over 25 organisations are taking part to show their solidarity in our demonstration

Your support strengthens us

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Our donors and their support have been incredible. Your donations keep us going. We are working hard, but without the financial support Islam21c would not exist. We have many projects in the pipeline, your contributions however big or small will help us to reach people, making a bigger impact.

Allah has given us an incredible amount of potential for positive change, we just need to be motivated enough to use it, and coordinated enough to use it wisely.
Now is the time