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The End of Muslim Spain

Ustadh Kashif Zakiuddin 5 Min Read

On this day, 531 years ago, the last Muslim dynasty in Spain surrendered to Christian forces, thereby ending Muslim rule on the Iberian Peninsula.

The Fall of the Ottoman Empire

Ustadh Kashif Zakiuddin 6 Min Read

This year, we mark the centenary of the fall of the Ottoman Sultanate; it is essential that we reflect upon this defining moment in history.

Lion of the Desert: Omar Mukhtar – 91 years since Martyrdom

Hamad Momin 12 Min Read

On this day 91 years ago (16th September 1931) Omar Mukhtar (rahimahullāh) at the age of 73, was executed and hanged to martyrdom by Italian colonial forces.

Were Muslims Right to Resist Subjugation?

Ustadh Kashif Zakiuddin 0 Min Read

We mark Algerian Independence Day by posing a burning question: were Muslims correct to resist, or should they have accepted subjugation?

Remembering the Urumchi Massacre – 5 July 2009

Dr Suraina Pasha 5 Min Read

Why do Uyghurs commemorate 5th July?

Muhammad al-Fatih

Shaykh Ali Hammuda 1 Min Read

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