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Honesty Policy – HappyDay Video. Who & Why?

The Muslims of the U.K. clearly feel under attack and misrepresented in the main-stream media. It is an undisputed fact that Muslims are suffering from a huge campaign to “otherise” us and depict us as dangerous people who are not able to fit into Western Society.

Sadly most Muslims in the U.K. and the West have no perception of the massive well funded Islamophobia industry in the West nor what its objectives are and importantly who funds it.

This week a video entitled “Happy British Muslims” appeared on social media. Immediately many Muslims wrote comments condemning the video as unIslamic, others posted that they found that the video carried a positive message. These are issues of fiqh that scholars have already written much about and it is not my aim to go into this area.

The questions we really should be asking are the following:-

WHO are the funders behind the group Honesty Policy that made the video?

WHY do Honesty Policy wish to remain anonymous?

WHAT is the REAL motivation for releasing the video?

Most commentators on this video have jumped straight into the matters of Islamic fiqh (jurisprudence) either by saying that music is forbidden and so are other factors like women dancing in public, the views are polarised between haram or halal without considering that this discussion might have been one of the strategies of those who made the video.

Already the video has generated thousands of hits and thousands of comments, was division the aim of those who made it? Yet another incident where Muslims are doing what the main stream media wants in this case entering into a huge discussion which depicts Muslims as either reactionary or happy (moderate) but divided.

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The picture becomes one of “integrated” and “moderate” or extreme and hardline. An article in the Independent [1] perfectly illustrates this by labeling those who have declared the actions in the video as unIslamic as “a vocal minority” with the leader of the Honesty Policy group saying the following:-

“Lots of people have an idea of Islam that you have to conform to prescribed rules to be a good Muslim, but to us, as young second and third generation British Muslims, that’s not the case”

(Do you get the irony of a group who wish to withhold their identities naming themselves “Honesty Policy”?)

Apparently Asian radio network had a huge discussion on the topic of if this video is halal or haram Islamically which just proves to me that the Muslim community are having their strings pulled again and again possibly with an aim of desensitisation against insult to those values we hold dear to us. The funders and backers of the video must be delighted as we Muslims jump up and down like performing monkeys.

There are many who wish to push the boundaries of free speech and expression where Muslims are concerned as they have perceived that Muslims have limits instilled in them by Quran and hadith and as such we are united on our Scripture and teachings. This unity has to be broken down and Muslims as a coherent voice silenced. Dividing Muslims from the Quran and its teaching is seen as a major tool in the battle. It is interesting to see some commentators on one Muslim website pushing the line of how happy they are to see Muslims enjoying themselves just like “normal” people – another way of underlining that to them we never will be “normal” no matter how much we sing and dance to their tune.

Whilst the discussion rages on over the permissibility of the actions in the video Muslims are completely oblivious to the agenda that is working hard to desensitise and divide us using cartoons that depict the Prophet (peace be upon him) or music videos.

Not only are those who participated in the video having their strings pulled by forces that they either are happy to cooperate with or are oblivious to but all of us who allow ourselves to react to this provocation are having our strings pulled too.

Why not ignore and isolate those who chose to behave in a certain way and let the scholars answer on fiqh issues? Every time we react so vociferously to these provocations we just reinforce the stereotypes about Muslims that the media want to peddle.

source – www.islam21c.com

[1] http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/features/video-of-british-muslims-dancing-to-pharrell-williamss-hit-happy-attacked-as-sinful-9268418.html

About Laura Stuart

Housewife, Human rights activist & revert to Islam


  1. There’s a particular subset of Muslims who are shouting for recognition and approval from the Western, liberal establishment.

    So please, do tell me what it’s like constantly seeking attention from the creation, rather than its Creator.

    • Perhaps that is the case but there will always be disaffected youth or attention seekers. The people who encourage and mentor such groups are the real manipulators. Tammarod was just such a movement that started with a small group who were against the government but they were used by the greater powers. GYBO was another such youth movement in Gaza. They are used to set the ball rolling against the powers that be then they get taken over.

  2. Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu,

    Although there is ijmaa’ (consensus) of the scholars on the impermissibility of Music (see here for more info: https://www.islam21c.com/islamic-law/156-a-simple-matter-of-disagreement/), even those scholars who made a mistake when allowing music – they put such stringent conditions on it – they would never have allowed such behaviour as in the video. Not to mention the completely intentional decision of freemixing and dancing (thus, cannot be compared to unavoidable situations like the marketplace). Most practising british sisters with hayaa will be shy of walking near brothers let alone dancing publicly in front of them, and for the whole world to see. To say it even needs a ruling is almost a mockery.

    The vast majority of practising British Muslims overwhelmingly reject this video – hence the media headlines of there being a ‘division’ over the video (i.e. Practising Muslims voicing their disagreement towards liberalist/secularist/non-practising Muslims approving it).

    The means does not justify the end. Whoever does an action not in accordance to our Sunnah it will never be accepted by Allah.This is why bid’ah is called the Devil’s Cloak – because people think they are doing so much good, but in fact their efforts are in vain. Even worse, they don’t repent and try to justify the sin as something halal, May Allah protect us. This is what we have seen from some people who were in the video – saying ‘it is only fun’ and even promoting it on social networking sites and sharing it around! No remorse whatsoever. Hence why Shaytaan loves bid’ah more than a sin committed privately and sincerely repented from.

    Even more humiliating is that the intended effects of the video were not achieved. Instead of showing ‘we are happy, positive, not angry and extreme’ it only highlighted a severe inferiority complex felt amongst those in the video, and an acknowledgement of the success of the media in demonizing Muslims and their control over our public perception. Also it led to division, the spread of fitnah and of more sin internationally. Izzah and honour lies only in Islaam, and when we seek it through other than the Qur’an and Sunnah Allah may humiliate us in return. Perhaps that is, in fact a blessing as it is an opportunity for us to recognise this and turn in repentance to him.

    I ask Allah to protect us all from sins, innovations and misguidance, and to guide those who were in this video towards understanding their mistake.

    And Allah knows best.

  3. The Smiling Assassin

    Pharrell’s “new black” or “old house negro”. Can we pick a better kuf role model to follow please all you happy clappy Muslims?


  4. Important to know who mentors the group and who funds them.

  5. If these people who made the film truly believe in that music is halal and they have a ‘scholarly ‘ fatwa to stat their work of ‘art’ is permissible, lets not beat behind the bushes and reveal yourself and your scholar(s).
    Remaining anonimous isn’t gone a cut it.

  6. I can tell you who the people behind Honest Policy are. They’re actually in the video, some of them masked, some of them not.

  7. A Muslim is follower of Islam not Pakistani, Arab, Bengali or Afghan! So everyone who considers him/herself a Muslim should look in the mirror and see if they see Muslim or???

    And whatever they are doing would prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) have accepted them as Muslim or..?

    • Muslim means believer in God. Their dancing in public may make them sinners but it does not take them out of Islam.

      The article is asking whether this is a genuine PR attempt by Muslims to show that not all Muslims are grumpy and boring. Or is it orchestrated by a pyramid hierarchy, with a non-Muslim group funding and manipulating Muslims to perform on this video to encourage such behavior amongst the wider Muslim communities

  8. Well said sister.
    Quite apart from the fact that they are making money for a sexist, pornography peddling, scumbag like Pharelle, remember the Robert Thicke video controversy? Even RT said that he was unknown before that vid, and all of them laughed at how the song had gone to number one because of 12 year boys watching it.
    The happy song itself is a mind worm and lyrics make no sense at all.

  9. asSalaamualaikum
    I have to say that I found the video rather dishonest. If we wanted to show the world that we were happy then why not show the things that actually cause the vast majority of Muslims happiness. I mean I don’t know that many Muslims who dance to Pharrell when they are happy rather what about our values when we sit as a family eating, or grandparents playing with their grandchildren, parents spending time with their children or people coming out of jumuah or eid salah and hugging each other or brothers playing football or people giving charity etc etc. Why couldn’t we have shown those good values which give us happiness and which also seem to be lacking in this society?
    Instead it would appear that there is an inferiority complex. Not only are we abused but we are told how to respond to that abuse.

    • That would be a good idea to show the world that Muslims maintain family values and can be happy without music/dancing/alcohol and other stimulants.

  10. You haven’t answered any questions that you have posed. You are simply adding to the divisiveness Sister, by creating suspicion and doubt.

    • Surely those who wish to remain anonymous are the ones who create suspicion and doubt? What is there to hide if you believe in what you are doing?

  11. Coolness of Hind – similarly the case of the cartoons recently. The number of signatures on the petition plus letters and other contacts to the Lib Dems must have been huge but they closed ranks around that person even though he clearly displayed a lack of judgement and sensitivity towards minority groups. A lack of judgment which one would imagine is not a desirable trait in a candidate hoping to gain votes in an area such as Kilburn. Then again the Liberal party has a history of defending the indefensible as we now know with the revelations on Cyril Smith. We Mainstream Muslims can expect many more provocations, I think we need strong leaders or a strong leader to represent us and give us leadership and direction. If we had a strong leader advising us how to respond and the imams were on message we wouldn’t fall into disunity and chaos every time we are poked with another stick.

  12. Who is Pharrel William ?

    Pharrell described his religious views: “On paper I’m a Christian, but really I’m a Universalist.”

    read more , educate . and know who some few Muslims being used by !!
    link :

  13. Jazakillah khayr sister Laura, pertinent questions indeed.

    The broader picture must be maintained and the reality is that this video has been used as yet another stick to beat mainstream Islam and its adherents with. A careful strategy is being played out here.

    Frankly, what is even worse is the deferring of the permissibility of the video being halal or haram to the number views and likes, as Honesty Policy have done on their facebook page, which is an intellectual and academic copout and a dangerous play with the Iman of people.

  14. Well said sister!!

  15. Ali, you say it was a bunch of Muslims who made this video?? Come on mate get a grip since when did 20 + count as being a kid?

    • You’d be surprised how many mama’s think their 25 year old’s are little babies. In Islam, the age responsibility occurs at puberty, so it would be better for the mothers to ensure they don’t harm the souls of their little babies.

  16. The original makers of the original video did a disservice to Islam. They purposefully did controversial and unorthodox and unmainstream stuff in that video to provoke the traditional Muslims (who make up the vast majority of the Ummah). By doing such unthoughtful and unintelligent things, Honesty Policy (more like “Dishonesty Policy”) created extra division in the ummah (which is fitna) and showed the non-Muslims how divided Muslims are.
    It is wrong that the video says women can’t be seen. In fact there are women in even this edited version. Its just that Islam doesn’t allow Muslim women to be dancing in the public, so such scenes were removed.
    If Dishonesty Policy had any concern for the truth or sincerity, they would’ve let a debate happen on their video. Instead they deleted all comments that critiqued them (even when they had appropriate manners) from their blog, and removed all comments from their youtube. Such anti-freedom expression is anti-British and not what British Muslims are about.

    • It’s interesting that you point out that Orthodox Muslims are the majority because the Independent was trying to state the opposite by labelling us a small but vociferous minority.

      • Orthodox Muslims is a term like Orthodox Jews and the Messenger of Allah sallahualayhiwasalam indeed spoke the truth, he told us we would follow the ways of those who came before us.

        It’s an absolutely reprehensible bidah.

        • Perhaps you are not a linguist ? Orthodoxy (from Greek orthos (“right”, “true”, “straight”) + doxa (“opinion” or “belief”, related to dokein, “to think”),[1]) is adherence to accepted norms, more specifically to creeds, especially in religion

  17. You talk about division? articles posted on here have divided people. Why do you say the UnIslamic people are causing divisions? articles about Women and what they should and shouldn’t be doing cause division. Muslims cause division.

    If the women did not have headscraves and men with no beard, no one would bat an eyelid but because we have a certain idea we want people who have religious symbols on to look like and act like.

    “The funders and backers of the video must be delighted as we Muslims jump up and down like performing monkeys.” – come on, where is your intellect, a bunch of kids made a video and put it out, and what? why does the whole western anti muslim jugganaut have to have played a part? when in fact its a bunch of kids who are sick of seeing negativity.

    Secondly some of your shayookh refuse to sit at tables of discussion with women, that is more damaging and a cause of more division than this video.

  18. Are you saying that I am Islamically in a 3rd category? I haven’t stated my views on this Islamically I left that for the scholars – I have written about the manipulation we are subject to.

  19. Personally I wish that we would let the scholars do the advising to the people who participated and in private surely that is the adab?

    • Hi Laura

      I understand that you are saying lets leave it to scholars but the scholars you may refer to aren’t the same as those the people who made this video refer to. They have their scholars as they claim on their website. So this article shouldn’t have been written as they have scholars who allowed them to do it but unfortunately perhaps you may not regard them as scholars. That’s what they did they “left it to the scholars” It’s a shame that articles like this need to be written. Too much opinionated trigger happy Muslims shooting each other down. It’s preposterous

      No disrespect Laura to you but perhaps your time would have been better spent on writing something more beneficial like the importance of prayer which is more needed to close the division between the “practising” and not so practicing. This article just adds to the already full
      Mixing pot of negative comments on this video

      • I am not really qualified to write about the importance of prayer but since it is the 2nd of the 5 pillars of Islam and undisputedly Fard on Muslims of age then it is not a controversial issue and we are not divided on it. These provocations such as cartoons and music videos are becoming more frequent and we need really to hold tight to the rope of Allah if we want to keep our deen.

        • The scholars you refer to who permitted this video are scholars for dollars!

          • Does anyone know under which scholars Mo Ansar or Adam Deen studied Islam? Whom might they have consulted on the matter of if it is permissible to make this video?

          • Assalam o alikum Sister Asia,

            You made me laugh, scholars for dollars! very true .Jazakillah

        • Assalam o alikum Sister Laura,

          Jazakillah for taking time to write about this video and for your above comments.

          I sincerely believe that Allah Kareem has given you the “Taufeeq” to write on this subject.

          There are many “Akhi” in the our society who appriciate this video as this is what they wish for and this what fits to thier “desires”.

          On the other hand there are many bothers and sisters out there to whom Allah Kareem has guided with “Hikmah” and certainly with Emaan. They do not like what Allah Kareem and Rasool Kareem do not like.


  20. Fitra – you seem to be in the 3rd category all by yourself!

  21. irrespective of whether it’s a commissioned plot or an innocent group, the fact remains, they have highlighted an issue that ‘muslims’ are divided on. the strict traditional way vs the western liberal way.

    aside from the obvious, here’s my 2 cents. the strict traditional way is not true religion, it’s tradition – mohammed warned against this – people stoned him for it – are you of mohammed’s character, or of the stone thrower?

  22. Very good point; I was thinking the same thing myself. I think what people need to realise is that regardless of whether they believe that these things are halal or otherwise, they surely cannot be so arrogant as to disregard the opinion to the contrary. At the very least it is a legitimate parting of opinion. And in that case, surely they knew that this video would not come without controversy. Does desperation to be accepted by the wider society (as well-meaning as that desire is) really trump acceptance by their own brothers and sisters in religion?

    In VALID differences of opinion scholars have often stated that leaving the opinion that is not universally accepted for one that everyone accepts is better for the unity of the community.

    The normalisation of Islam in British society can surely be striven for in more than one way; if forcing the conservatives to tow the line in the way they think is the only way that makes them happy, let them be happy with their real friends.

    • Yet we already know that no matter how much we try “to be like them” they will never be pleased with us. So singing and dancing is a start. A certain discredited Imam suggested “Halal pubs”. The question is why do we feel we need to integrate or emulate?

      • Using a computer and the internet to post your thoughts could also be said to be you trying “to be like them” – The question is why do you feel you need to integrate or emulate?

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