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"it's taking the lives of our Muslim Brothers and Sisters.."

Wait! There's a happy ending, you will be inspired


The Islamophobia industry is taking the emaan of the Muslims. An industry that was set up to keep people systematically away from the truth. 

Inciting lies, hatred and fear in the hearts of the Muslims

Islam21c is one of the few organisations that has been working hard for the past 15 years

against this wave of hate, empowering Muslims to be confident in their Islam so they can fight back

Tonight we are asking you to stand with Islam21c
and support this project in a time of desperate need and work towards a strong happy ending, collectively.
This is a special night brothers and sisters. We may not live to see another Ramadan. Through this unique opportunity make an impact in the world today and receive the reward of transforming the lives of millions of Muslims even in the hereafter. 
Tonight could be Laylatul Qadr, seek the pleasure of Allah
and catch the reward tonight, Insha’Allah


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“More Muslims are losing their confidence to practice Islam, losing their Eman and

losing their hereafters to the Islamophobia industry”  

Don’t let it take yours

We've witnessed the digital media onslaught long enough

We saw this coming and we have been preparing. Islam21c was created to empower Muslims so that we can be incharge of our own stories, our own voices, media and defenses. It was created with a vision: 
 “To see every Muslim Confident and Impacting the world”

and a mission:
 “To Inspire and Empower the Muslim community with Islamic guidance and solutions through transformational digital media”

We fought back and still continuing to
defend our Muslim identity

Over the last 15 years we too haven taken over the digital space and inspire and empower millions of Muslims who go on to inspire even more. Islam21c has become one of the most credible, trustworthy and relevant Muslim Media platforms in the world today. Through our content, unlike any other platforms we nurture the community with Islam, so Muslims of today are equipped to deal with these problems, confidently.

We have been busy:
 Defending Islam and the honour of the Muslims
 Holding oppressors to account,
✓ Championing the rights of the Ummah
✓ Confronting the lies and slander of Islamophobes across the digital space
✓ Building confident and impactful ummah
✓ Protecting the Muslim identity

Tonight, Invest Your Sadaqa In defending yourself and
your loved ones

Join Us In Our Mission

Be the one who

  • Defends Islam
  • Saves and Empowers the Muslim identity,
  • Protects  your loved ones eman

Support this project, without your contributions and funds we are unable to carry on with our mission. 

.. But We Can't Fight Alone
We are asking YOU to invest in this project to make it
Bigger and Louder

Can We Count On You?

“Islam 21c has benefited me immensely whether it’s gaining some beneficial knowledge or just come advice on how to deal with day-to-day issues. It also advises us on how to get our connection with Allah stronger”


“Islam21c is a key and leading resource for me. I’ve used the content and knowledge to assist my community, improve my knowledge and even how to address more challenging topics. The Podcasts are top 3 in the World as they cover a range of topics in a easy and inquisitive manner”


“I love listening to unscripted podcast. They really help me building my confidence. I am becoming more and more confident to practice my religion and stand up for it”

“Islam21c, I can wholeheartedly say, has constantly been the light in addressing key topics throughout the world at a deep Islamic level. As a professional practising Muslim, not many sites over such key analytical insights that one can confidently take into one’s life. Also, the podcasts are an amazing bonus to the site, talking in a relaxed setting with important players within the Islamic world.”

May Allah swt bless you for all the beneficial articles presented in an easy digest format.
I have learnt so much. I have followed Islam21c for ten years now.’
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