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How the CCP Used 9/11 to Repress Uyghurs

Maira Mirza

The Chinese Communist Party has leveraged the United States's 'Global War on Terror' to frame the Uyghur's call for self-determination as 'terrorism, separatism and extremism.'

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Islamophobic Hysteria Continues to Engulf US Politician Ilhan Omar

Abdullah Izzadin 7 Min Read

The Somali-born US Congresswoman has been subject to an Islamophobic hate-campaign and death threats, following Trump and the Murdoch press‘ hysteria.

German state cracking down on Muslim organisations

News Editor 5 Min Read

Muslim charities under attack from German media and state agencies

Libya: UN-backed government shoots down Haftar’s fighter jet amidst Sisi meeting

News Editor 6 Min Read

Libya may be on the brink of full-scale civil war, Allāh protect them.

Golan Heights Fiasco: Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’?

Lukman Harees 10 Min Read

"When will the Muslim leadership regain their long-lost backbone and save the dignity of the Ummah from further degradation?"

Study confirms Muslims have the highest life satisfaction

Hamza Saleem 7 Min Read

Told you so...

Why Western Governments Hate Julian Assange

Muhammad Mussa 9 Min Read

From revealing US human rights violations at Guantanamo Bay to Obama’s secret war in Yemen, the arrest of Julian Assange represents an attack on accountability and justice.