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How the CCP Used 9/11 to Repress Uyghurs

Maira Mirza

The Chinese Communist Party has leveraged the United States's 'Global War on Terror' to frame the Uyghur's call for self-determination as 'terrorism, separatism and extremism.'

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Palestinians denounce Airbnb reversal on illegal Zionist settlements delisting

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Airbnb are accused of aiding and perpetuating ‘Israeli’ military occupation

Media reluctant to label far-right attackers as terrorists

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No media outlet can be taken as an impartial source

Netanyahu takes Fifth Term as PM in Toxic Rhetoric Marred ‘Israeli’ Elections

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The election campaign was marred by racist rhetoric, seeing the foremost candidates attacking Palestinians to garner more support.

An Open Letter to my Brothers on Road

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She stayed awake with you as a baby and guarded over your life. Now, she stays awake because she fears the next young man to bleed out on the pavements or in

Whistleblowers call gender reassignment “unregulated live experiment on children”

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Five NHS clinicians resign over ethics and safety concerns regarding ‘live experiment’ on children. The UK’s only NHS gender clinic for children has been accused of conducting live experiments, by administering life-changing

China harvesting Uyghur Muslim organs in concentration camps, surgeon claims 

News Editor 5 Min Read

"I was ordered not to give the man any anaesthetic..."