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Al-Aqsa Imam Leads Ayia Sophia Fajr Prayer Marking of ‘Istanbul’s’ 564th Anniversary

Thousands of Turks attended Fajr prayers on the morning of Saturday 13th of May at the square of the famous Ayia Sophia in Istanbul to commemorate the 564th anniversary of the Conquest of Istanbul.[1]

The initiative, launched by the Anatolian Youth Association resonated throughout Turkey, and under heightened security, the event was launched with the recitation of verses from the glorious Qur’an. Participants called for the reopening of Ayia Sophia as a place of worship since it is currently being used as a museum for tourists.

The event was attended by the President of the Syrian Islamic Council, Sheikh Osama Al-Rifai, the Imam of the Al-Aqsa Mosque Sheikh Mohammed Ali Al-Abbasi, and the President of the youth wing of the Anatolia Youth Association Saleh Turhan.

Before the Fajr prayer, led by Sheikh Mohammad Ali Al-Abbasi, the event was decorated with Islamic Nashids, ending with a supplication delivered by Sheikh Al-Rifai for the sake of Turkey and the whole world. In his address Turhan said: “Many international organisations have worked relentlessly to turn Ayia Sophia into a Museum, managing to achieve this through (the use of) forged signatures in 1934.”

An alleged decree was issued in Turkey’s early republic history, attributed to Kemal Atatürk ordering the transformation of the Ayia Sophia Mosque into a museum. Activists and politicians question whether a decree was even issued by Atatürk, holding that it was forged.[2]

Turhan further stressed that the Anatolian Youth Association is striving to reopen the historic Mosque for the sake of worship, catering for the millions of Turkish Muslim nationals and tourists that fill its neighbouring Mosques during prayer times, highlighting that this cause “does not concern the people of Istanbul alone, but rather it concerns Muslims all over the world.”

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Muslims in Turkey and around the world mark the month of May every year in commemoration of the Conquest of Istanbul at the hands of the distinguished Ottoman, Muslim Sultan Mohammad al-Fateh (meaning the Conqueror, Opener or Liberator) in the year 1453 CE. For several centuries it was resilient against Islamic attempts at opening the city, and for that long many Muslim leaders went to great feats to achieve this. For every one of these leaders sought to be the fulfilment of the Prophet statement, made from the heart of Arabia:

Verily, Constantinople shall be opened. Its commander shall be the best commander ever, and his army shall be the best army ever.” Abdullah said: “Muslimah the son of Abdul Malik asked me about this Hadith, so I told him and he (in response) sent an army to Constantinople.[3]

Source: www.islam21c.com


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  1. At least the Jews have been honest and have not(yet) turned Al-Aqsa Mosque into a synagogue. But for you, the Muslims, only this mantra works:” What you take from me is mine, what I take from you is mine too”. Very convenient, right?

    • When Ayia Sophia is otherwise a museum for chavvy photographers yes it is convenient, people need to use it for worshipn: a need that transcends capitalist entry ticket charms…

      Al Aqsa Mosque has, is and will forever be full of Muslim worshippers. Sad for you, nothing was found underneath.

  2. Why not open the historical cathedral for the sake of worship, catering for the Greek Orthodox Christians who built it?
    In fact, why not restore all the churches turned into mosques after the Ottoman invasion of Asia Minor?

    • Churches in western Christian majority coutries are empty you muppet, how on earth do you expect them to fill in Muslim majority countries!


      • Who said anything about filling them? It’s a question of rights.
        The fact remains: muslims whine because control over Al-Aqsa was taken from them by force and gloat because they took Hagia Sophia by force.

        • Well start filling them on Sunday morning rather than filling Westgate shopping mall, and maybe then you will have a case to argue for your rights. Istanbul is no cheap city for a gigantic Gothic structure to sit around aimlessly. Ironically, many Churches are selling their properties to British Muslims who are putting them in better use.

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