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Condolences to Sheikh Belal Assad and His Family

Innā lillāhi wa innā ilayhi rājiʿūn. Indeed, to Allāh we belong, and to Him we are returning.

It is with deep sadness that we inform our readers that Ibraheem and Muhammad, the son and brother of Sheikh Belal Assad, have passed to meet their Lord (subḥānahu wa taʿālā). May Allāh have mercy upon them both.


Allāh (subḥānahu wa taʿālā) declares:

“Wherever you are, death will overtake you, even if you be in lofty towers.” [1]

“Everyone shall taste death. And only on the Day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full. And whoever is removed away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise, he indeed is successful. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception.” [2]

Death is a certainty of life. Indeed, life itself is teleological; man shall die and be questioned. It is in this sense that Allāh informs humans by way of counsel and encouragement that it is only the believers that are successful; those who avoid the Fire and secure admittance into Paradise. When a believer dies, it is a time of great tragedy and loss for the community, but those who submit to the will of Allāh pay heed to what has been revealed:

“And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to the patient; those who when afflicted with calamity, say: from Allāh do we come, and to Him we shall return.” [3]

Sheikh Haitham al-Haddad and the Islam21c team would like to extend their sincerest condolences to Sheikh Belal Assad and his family. The loss of a child is incomprehensible. The greatest of creation, the Prophet Muhammad (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam), buried six of his seven children during his lifetime. The Prophet said:

“When the child of a servant dies, Allāh says to the angels: Have you taken the life of my servant’s child? They say yes. Allāh says: Have you taken the fruit of his heart? They say yes. Allāh says: What has my servant said? They say: He has praised you and said to Allāh we belong and to Allāh we return. Allāh says: Build a house for my servant in Paradise and name it the House of Praise.” [4]

We beseech Allāh (subḥānahu wa taʿālā) to expand their graves, shower His infinite mercy upon them, forgive their sins, and grant the family patience. We ask Allāh (subḥānahu wa taʿālā) to make this difficult time an expiation of sins and the raising of rank in the sight of our Lord.

Source: www.islam21c.com


[1] Al-Qur’ān, 4:78

[2] Al-Qur’ān, 3:185

[3] Al-Qur’ān, 2:155-156

[4] Tirmidhī


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