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Coronavirus: ‘Help Your Neighbour’ campaign in Germany dispels pre-conceived ideas about Islam

Stories from across the globe have been making the headlines during this difficult time. Initiatives are being set up whereby food and essentials are donated to the elderly, and buildings are being converted into temporary hospitals to house end-of-life patients. Many are donating whatever they can to help those affected worst by the virus.

One such story comes from Germany, where Muslim non-governmental organisations (NGOs) delivered essential goods to some of the country’s most vulnerable citizens. As a result they dispelled any misconceptions and stereotypes some may have previously had.

Muslim youth in the city of Wiesbaden had launched a campaign called “Help Your Neighbour”, hoping to provide aid to the elderly amid the ongoing global pandemic.

Upon receiving the groceries from Turkish youth, one tearful man asked the members if they had “come from the mosque”.

The elderly German was holding back his tears after receiving their aid. He said:

“We harboured wrong ideas about you for dozens of years; we didn’t know you were like that. We are sorry.”[1]

One member of the NGO, Osman Bilgili, were surprised upon seeing the emotional reaction of his neighbours.

“Most of the people are very pleased with our work, and they are surprised; they had the wrong idea about us. Some Germans wrote letters thanking us. Also, during this crisis, we sent gift packages to the employees of Paulinen Hospital who worked diligently in our city.”

This health crisis has been a catalyst for conquering hearts through random acts of kindness. In recent weeks, much corruption has been eliminated and instead people of different faiths and backgrounds have been pulling together for the greater good. It has been a time which has forced us to reflect.

Many have been revisiting their relationships with friends, family, colleagues, and neighbours. There has been no time for racism or discrimination. Instead, as was the case with the aforementioned NGO, it has been a time to earn praise and conquer hearts.

One can only attribute the drastic change we have been advised to take in our lives, which has unknowingly pushed us to go back to a more natural way of life – an Islamic way of life.

In circumstances like today, we must remind ourselves to turn back to Allāh. He (subḥānahu wa taʿālā) controls everything, and He is the only One that can relieve us from our difficult circumstances. We ask Allāh to keep us firm and to allow us to return to Him. We ask Him to forgive us and provide us with His Protection.

The coronavirus is currently affecting 208 countries and territories around the world as well as 2 international conveyances.

There are around 1,363,365 registered coronavirus cases worldwide, with around 76,420 deaths.[2] Indeed to Allāh do we belong, and to Him do we return.

It is also important to note that around 292,425 people have recovered so far from the deadly virus, alḥamdulillāh.

We ask Allāh (subḥānahu wa taʿālā) to keep us all safe, healthy, and to enable us to take this opportunity to turn back to Him seeking forgiveness, and to cure our sick and protect our elderly. May Allāh (subḥānahu wa taʿālā) also accept those that have returned to him after having the coronavirus as martyrs, āmīn.

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[1] https://www.yenisafak.com/en/world/tearful-germans-apologize-to-muslims-after-receiving-aid-we-were-wrong-about-you-3516216

[2] https://google.com/covid19-map/?hl=en

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