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Coronavirus: Outbreak spreads selflessness and unity all over the country

The coronavirus pandemic has no doubt brought about much pain and despair, but one thing it has also done is that it has shown the humanity of people and the oneness of this country. An astonishing half a million people have already signed up to be NHS volunteers.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday said:

“When we launched the appeal last night, we hoped to get 250,000 volunteers over a few days.”

However, the people of the UK had another plan in mind, as more than 700,000 people have signed up for the NHS volunteer scheme to take part in the fight against COVID-19, much more than what the Prime Minister had in mind.” [1]

These selfless volunteers are needed to deliver food and medicines, drive patients to appointments, and phone the isolated, most of whom are elderly. This scheme has been put in place to try and relieve some pressures on the NHS. Boris Johnson has extended his thanks to the public.

“Special thank you to everyone who has now volunteered to help the NHS, and to all of you and all the former NHS staff who are coming back into the service, I say thank you on behalf of the whole country. Around 11,000 former medics have agreed to return to the health service and more than 24,000 final year student medics and nurses will join them.” [2]

The numbers of volunteers have been rapidly increasing, as this morning thousands more have signed up to help their communities and hospitals to defeat the coronavirus. [3]

There is so much greatness we have seen over the past few weeks. NHS workers were emotional as volunteers from the One Nation charity delivered hot food for staff at the Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham with the help of local businesses. Javed Iqbal, from the Alum Rock Community Forum in Birmingham, said locals were determined to do something positive to show workers how much they had their backing. Iqbal said that deliveries would continue daily until they were no longer needed: “One thing we can do is make sure the nurses and doctors and staff are all well fed.” [4]

The sense of unity that has shone since coronavirus came to the country has been incredible. There are thousands of volunteer initiatives all over the country desperate to give back to their communities. The Muslim Council of Britain has said that “with many more people self-isolating, including the elderly, single parents, disabled or others who are social/economically vulnerable, there are more and more volunteer initiatives being started by Muslim activists and institutions all across the UK.”

Check out all the Muslim initiatives, charities, and organisations that have joined the fight against the coronavirus here [5]

The Prophet (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) said:

“Seek out the vulnerable among you. Verily, you are only given provision and support due to your support of the weak.” [6]

If you are willing to help and want to sign up as an NHS volunteer, you can register by visiting the following website here.

May Allāh continue to shower us with blessings and mercy and accept all of our sacrifices and selfless acts in order to unite together for the greater good. Āmīn.








[6] Tirmidhi

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