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Fake News: The Times remove article after “factual inaccuracies” smear CAGE

Media outlets like The Times continue to smear mainstream Muslim organisations, instigate suspicion, and promote fearmongering. These outlets have again proven they lack the basic requirements and conditions for accurate journalism and truth in reporting.

It is therefore not shocking to see that The Times has yet again published an inaccurate and fabricated story smearing and demonising the advocacy group CAGE.

CAGE has accused the right-wing paper of fabricating facts about CAGE after “a number of factual inaccuracies” were found in a piece authored by John Simpson published on Thursday. [1]

Simpson, the Crime Correspondent for The Times, alleged that CAGE “backed the Reading attack suspect” Khairi Saadallah, and that CAGE were apparently “working behind the scenes” to help him. [2]

Saadallah has now been charged with the murder of three men who were stabbed to death in a public park in Reading on Saturday 20th June. [3]

Saadallah is accused of killing James Furlong, 36, David Wails, 49, and Joe Ritchie-Bennett, 39.

In a statement titled “The Times fabricates facts about CAGE”, the advocacy organisation stated:

“At no stage have we had any dealing with the individual named in the piece (Khairi Saadallah), neither are we working on any campaign on his behalf. In view of ongoing criminal proceedings and sub judice rules, we will not be making any further comment about the facts of the case.”

The statement further added:

“This story is a new low for those employed by Rupert Murdoch, one of the pioneers of the global Islamophobia industry.”

The article has since been removed from The Times website. In the past, outlets such as The Times have had to issue several retractions and apologies to Muslims.

Last year, The Times  apologised and paid damages to Imam Abdullah Patel, who questioned Conservative leadership candidates about Islamophobia.

In early July last year, Sheikh Dr. Haitham al-Haddad came out triumphant in his three-year battle against The Telegraph over fabricated statements attributed to him. The newspaper launched their character assassination on the prominent UK Imam and academic in 2015, in a series of articles that claimed that Sheikh Haitham had described Jews as “the descendants of apes and pigs” and “the brethren of swine and pigs.” [4]

In reality, the statements were completely made up, as these were words that Sheikh Haitham had never said.

The Telegraph has since retracted its statement and published a full apology. The newspaper was ordered by the High Court to pay £62,500 towards Sheikh Haitham’s legal costs.

In March 2018, the BBC also issued a retraction of accusations made by presenter Andrew Neil that had been made in a similar manner. The retraction stated that “it has withdrawn this allegation and confirms that it will not repeat it.” [5]

This is not the first time that Muslims and Muslim organisations have been attacked by the right-wing media. In August 2019, hundreds of leaked documents from Murdoch-owned press exposed a large campaign to demonise Muslim organisations calling for democracy in the Middle East, ostensibly in the service of Saudi and Emirati economic and political interests.

The leaked documents show The Times’ chief investigative reporter Andrew Norfolk, the neoconservative think tank Henry Jackson Society, the News Corporation, and at least one Conservative politician working together to smear Qatar and Qatar-linked organisations.








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  1. The issues are many. Unfortunately the waves will keep coming. I’ve spoken to British muslim who don’t even open a national newspaper. It’s great to see British muslim citizens stand up to injustice but like your article states we have fake news, people who would intentionally harm, fabricate and sow hatred and spread misinformation within our society.

    There is a beautiful Ayah in the Quran that translates, “no soul shall bare the burden of another.” One of the main problems that we’re facing in this country is that elements within our society want collective punishment for all muslim citizens when a crime is committed by any muslim citizen, visitor or refugee. The crime isn’t treated as an individual crime, it’s a community crime. The muslim community must never be acquitted of any responsibility. The whip must remain on the back of those who speak up for justice. It’s the policy, rest assured.

    I came across a statement in a history book that at the heart of all the problems in the world are the jews. Even if you hear of two fishes fighting at the bottom of the ocean then it must be the jews. Reviewing history teaches us that fake news and demonisation of minorities lead to pogroms and eventually genocide.

    Reverend Al Sharpton also a civil rights activist delivered a touching eulogy for George Floyd. He eloquently summarised the struggle of African Americans in The US. There was a powerful statement he made that resonates with all seekers of justice, “Get your knees of our neck!”

    I’d add one more statement, “Get your whips of our back!”

    Please view the Eulogy. Share your thoughts.

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