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George Floyd protests: Trump sued for brutally dispersing protesters

Demonstrations continue to take place in the wake of the brutal murder of George Floyd in Minnesota that continues to dominate headlines around the globe. [1]

In recent days, dozens of videos have surfaced on social media showing police brutality during demonstrations over the death of the unarmed black man. Civil rights groups in the United States have today sued Trump over the assault on peaceful protesters near the White House on Monday. [2]

Protestors were sprayed with tear gas, shot with rubber bullets, and forcefully removed as police brutally dispersed protesters from a park to allow Trump to take a photo near a church. [3]

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) sued the administration of US President Donald Trump, claiming that officials defied the civil rights of protesters by “violating their constitutional rights and engaging in an unlawful conspiracy to violate those rights.” [4]

On Thursday, a former military officer who served as America’s most senior military officer from 2011-15 strongly criticised Trump’s threats to use military troops to confront the current protests across the US. [5]

Commenting on Trump’s remarks, the ex-Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Gen. Martin Dempsey, said:

“The idea that the president would take charge of the situation using the military was troubling to me.”

He further added:

“The idea that the military would be called in to dominate and to suppress what, for the most part, were peaceful protests – admittedly, where some had opportunistically turned them violent – and that the military would somehow come in and calm that situation was very dangerous to me.”

The widely-shared footage of Floyd’s murder clearly shows the now-dismissed police officers restraining Floyd, who is seen offering no resistance to arrest. One of the officers, Derek Chauvin, placed his knee firmly on the neck of Floyd for several minutes as he struggled to breathe, resulting in his eventual death.

Chauvin has now been charged with a more serious count of second-degree murder, whilst the other three officers have been charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder. [6] Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo has said that the three officers were “complicit in the death of Floyd.” [7]

Pressure continues to grow on the US as Trump and his administration continue to be widely criticised for their handling of this sensitive situation.










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