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Image of East London acid attack suspect released

Eight days after an acid attack against Muslims that took place in East London on the 21st June 2017, police have released the image of suspect John Tomlin.

Jameel Mukhtar (37) and his cousin Resham Khan (21) had been celebrating Resham’s 21st birthday when a corrosive substance was thrown on them last Wednesday whilst they were waiting at a traffic light near the junction of Tolgate Road and Newham Way (A13) in Beckton. The attack is said to have left them with “life changing injuries”.

The victims described a white man matching Tomlin’s description who knocked on their window and threw a corrosive substance onto Ms Khan before circling around the car and throwing more onto Mr Mukhtar.

They described “excruciating pain” as their clothes began to melt and their skin and eyes burned, which left them with 3rd degree burns. They ran out of the car—which had crashed in the panic—without clothes begging passers by for water. One driver then stopped and took them to a Newham General Hospital, after which they were reportedly flown to the Chelmsford burns unit better equipped to treat their injuries.

Mr Mukhtar was reportedly put into an induced coma to treat his burns whilst Ms Khan has had a skin graft.[1]

One of the victims was reported as expressing frustration at the mainstream media outlets not reporting the attack “because we are Muslims”, although many seem to have begun to do so today since Tomlin’s picture was released.[2]

People who appear to be of Muslim background or ethnic minorities are advised to be vigilant, particularly women who are more likely a target of the characteristically cowardly racist/Islamophobic attacks, which are becoming increasingly common.

Visit or call 101 if you have any information that may help.

Click here to sign a petition calling for the prohibition of purchasing acid without a licence.





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  1. Native Brits must learn to respect and tolerate those who are different. You have failed to respect and tolerate Black community, who speaks your language, share your culture and faith. English, Irish, Welsh and Scott hate each other, sharing the same culture, faith and language. It is difficult for you to accept, respect and tolerate Muslims with different culture, languages and FAITH. You have no choice but to accept them for your own survival. The number of Muslims is on the increase because of immigration, high birth rate and conversion. By the end of this century, nearly 50% of British population would be Muslim. We live in a shrunken world and millions of people are on the move; one of our biggest challenges is how we learn to live in proximity to difference – different skin colours, different beliefs and different way of life. According to a study by COMPAS, Muslims born and educated were given the impression of outsiders. The perception among Muslims is that they are unwelcome in Britain is undermining efforts to help them integrate into wider society. Most of them say that they have experienced race discrimination and religious prejudice. Muslims and Islam is promoted a fundamentalist and separatist by the western elite, which have negative impact on community and social cohesion. The number of racist incidents occurring in London Borough of Redbridge’s schools have reached their highest levels since record begin.

    Prejudice against Islam in the West developed due to historic rivalry of Christianity against Islam. The defeat of Christians by the Muslims in Crusades was a big shock for the Christian world. These deep wounds are still so fresh in the Christian world today that the parents, media, politicians and teachers feel it a duty to nurture the feelings of prejudice against Islam in the hearts and minds of their young generations. According to Runnymede Trust, Britain has become “an institutionally Islamophobic” society in which Muslims are demonised. Hostility towards Muslims is still a major problem and is not being taken seriously enough by race relations bodies. According to Dr. Richard Stone, there is now renewed talk of a clash of civilizations, a new global cold war, and mounting concern that the already fragile foothold gained by Muslim communities in Britain is threatened by ignorance and intolerance. According to John Gieve of the Home office, Islamic extremism might be a “symptom of disaffection”. The same disaffection previously surfaced during the riots that shook Oldham and Bradford in 2001.

  2. A very vile individual. I hope he faces justice and is made an example of to deter others from such actions.

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