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New explosions in Somali capital Mogadishu

Two weeks after a giant explosion killing more than 350 people, the Somali capital has been struck by two bombs in quick succession today.

First a reported explosion was caused by a car bomb driven into a hotel, whilst the second, shortly after, near the former parliament building.

Major Abdullahi Aden told Reuters news agency that militants had stormed the hotel after the explosion. [1]

“The second car bomb occurred at the ex-parliament house where there were (military) forces,” Nur Mohamed, a police officer, told Reuters. [2]

Captain Mohamed Hussein reportedly said that gunfire was heard inside the Nasa-Hablod hotel, frequented by politicians close to the presidential palace.[3]

The twitter account ‘Live From Somalia’ @Mogadishu_News tweeted that at least two had been killed with eight others injured.

The attack comes two weeks after a huge blast rocked the city, after which the country’s president declared three days of mourning.[4] It was reported that no groups admitted to carrying out either attack, but the bomb was said to be “military grade” in the blast two weeks ago.[5]

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