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Restoring your faith in humanity this Ramadan

Preparing a suḥūr meal at home can be tough. Preparing a suūr meal whilst travelling can be even tougher. So, when an Ibis hotel in Dublin generously prepared suūr for a Muslim guest, they garnered an immense amount of praise for their efforts.

A male guest who was fasting for Ramaḍān requested a snack for his suūr (pre-dawn meal) to begin the fast. The hotel staff were happy to help and asked him to come downstairs from his room at 2.30am.

When he came down alone with no other guest in sight, he was not treated to a light snack. Rather, the hotel staff had laid out a full buffet breakfast.

The Operations Manager at Ibis Dublin, Manoj Kumar, told Dublin Live:

“At ibis, we always want to go the extra mile to ensure every guest has the best experience possible, whatever their individual needs.

“Since this guest was going to be fasting from sunrise to sunset for Ramadan, we wanted to give him the best start to the day, so our awesome staff prepared a delicious breakfast buffet for him at 2:30am.

“Everyone is welcome at ibis, and we were thrilled to give this guest a very special moonlight breakfast to set him up for his day.” [1]

The man’s colleague wrote, after sharing the story on Twitter:

The hotel has since received thousands of praiseworthy comments for their kindness, whilst others have mentioned more stories of hotel chains that provided them with suūr and ifṭār preparations.

One user heaped further praise on to Accor Hotel’s, the parent brand of Ibis, saying a suūr meal is provided for each Muslim guest in their room at no extra cost:

Even non-Muslim staff at schools have sacrificed their sleep to cater for their fasting pupils.

And to top it all off…

As the man’s colleague says, “Humanity is still alive amidst all the hatred.” [2]

Source: www.islam21c.com


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