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Third of British cabinet ministers funded by pro-‘Israel’ groups

Analysis carried out by the investigative journalism site Declassified UK has revealed that one third of all current UK cabinet ministers are funded by pro-‘Israel’ groups. [1]

What paints a most partisan picture is that during the recent escalation of violence in the region, the apartheid state of ‘Israel’ has still been able to confidently rely on its Conservative Party allies in the British government to provide crucial political cover. This support has come in the form of blanket statements declaring unequivocal backing for its murderous airstrikes in the besieged Gaza Strip and attacks on Islam’s third-holiest site, Masjid al-Aqsa.

Declassified has also discovered that incumbent prime minister Boris Johnson went on a trip to ‘Israel’ in 2004, which was paid for by the Israeli government and the Westminster-based pro-‘Israel’ lobby group, Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI). Astonishingly, it took Johnson four years to make an admission regarding the trip in the parliamentary register of interests.

In recent weeks, the British government has been roundly criticised for supporting ‘Israel’ while hundreds of innocent Palestinian lives have been lost due to the Zionist regime’s callous and calculated missile strikes on homes, offices, and hospital buildings. In a firm demonstration of solidarity with their Israeli counterparts, the UK government sent Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to the region shortly after an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire was declared. Upon meeting Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he reiterated the United Kingdom’s unconditional support for Israel by stating, “You can always count on us.” Raab made this comment after Netanyahu expressed his thanks “for the staunch, unwavering support of our right to self-defence during the recent operation.” [2]

The unsurprising results of the Declassified investigation indicate how far the ‘Israel’ lobby has infiltrated British politics. This is to the extent that the British government has expressed strong opposition to the International Criminal Court’s recent decision to examine alleged war crimes committed by Israel against Palestinians. In April, Boris Johnson went as far as claiming that the ICC inquiry is an “attack on Israel.” [3]

Another example of a cabinet minister being exposed for holding ties to ‘Israel’ is the notorious Priti Patel. She was forced to resign as international development secretary after concealing from former Prime Minister Theresa May a total of 14 unofficial meetings conducted with Israeli ministers in 2017. With the general themes in the Westminster government being incompetence and deceit rewarded by promotion, the disgraced Patel now serves as UK Home Secretary.

In a parallel fashion across the Atlantic, where the US federal government has for years been held to ransom by the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), the UK government likewise has members captured by the lobbying group. In addition to Patel, Michael Gove, who serves as the current Minister for the Cabinet Office, received AIPAC funding in 2017 to attend pro-‘Israel’ conferences in Washington DC. Gove in particular also received funding for this trip from the neoconservative Henry Jackson Society.

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