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Are Egypt’s coup authorities interrogating and deporting East Turkestan’s Uyghur Muslims?

Ahmed Hammuda 5 Min Read

"I was scared when I got there, it was dark, and I asked myself how we would get out of here. I was afraid we would be handed over to Chinese authorities,"

Urgent attempts to block an Uyghur man from being deported to ‘concentration camps’

Hamad Momin 5 Min Read

Uyghur activists say that Ablikim Yusuf will be deported to a concentration camp where he will either face torture or death.

China orders Islamic symbols be taken down in Beijing 

Muhammad Mussa 4 Min Read

Ban on Arabic symbols marks the latest phase in China’s genocide against Muslims. 

China claims most Muslims in controversial camps have “returned to society”

Hamza Saleem 5 Min Read

Many have cited the reason for their abrupt announcement to be a response to the international criticism China has faced for their “re-education camps”.

UN ambassadors urge China to end Uyghur detention

Samera 5 Min Read

More than 20 Western countries, as well as Japan, united to sign a joint letter condemning China’s treatment of ethnic Uyghurs, despite potential backlash preventing a formal statement.

Prominent Uyghur Writer Dies at Chinese Internment Camp

Hamza Saleem 5 Min Read

The decreasing health of Nurmuhammad Tohti was known to concentration camp doctors 70 days prior to his death.