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Urgent attempts to block an Uyghur man from being deported to ‘concentration camps’

Hamad Momin 5 Min Read

Uyghur activists say that Ablikim Yusuf will be deported to a concentration camp where he will either face torture or death.

China orders Islamic symbols be taken down in Beijing 

Muhammad Mussa 4 Min Read

Ban on Arabic symbols marks the latest phase in China’s genocide against Muslims. 

China claims most Muslims in controversial camps have “returned to society”

Hamza Saleem 5 Min Read

Many have cited the reason for their abrupt announcement to be a response to the international criticism China has faced for their “re-education camps”.

UN ambassadors urge China to end Uyghur detention

Samera 5 Min Read

More than 20 Western countries, as well as Japan, united to sign a joint letter condemning China’s treatment of ethnic Uyghurs, despite potential backlash preventing a formal statement.

Prominent Uyghur Writer Dies at Chinese Internment Camp

Hamza Saleem 5 Min Read

The decreasing health of Nurmuhammad Tohti was known to concentration camp doctors 70 days prior to his death.

China harvesting Uyghur Muslim organs in concentration camps, surgeon claims 

News Editor 5 Min Read

"I was ordered not to give the man any anaesthetic..."