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Former Pakistan PM Khan relatively unscathed in shooting

Shaheer Choudhury 4 Min Read

The PTI chairman and former Pakistani PM Imran Khan is recuperating following yesterday's shooting.

“Why are they wearing shorts?” – The Question That Shook Pakistan

News Editor 7 Min Read

Journalist Rafiq Khan faced a fierce backlash for asking about Pakistani women’s football team’s kit

Pakistan Hit With Devastating Floods

Aneesah Rasheed 8 Min Read

Devastating floods have left a third of Pakistan under water. Officials have stated this year’s floods are on par with those of 2010, the worst on record, and on August 26th Pakistan

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is in Danger

Ehsan Latif 15 Min Read

The fifth-largest nation in the world is in danger, and its rapidly-changing political scene must not be too volatile to cope

10 Years Ago Our Colleague Was Abducted in Pakistan. His Wife & Children Still Don’t Know Where He Is.

Dr Abdul Wahid 4 Min Read

"Ten years ago this week a good man was snatched off the streets of Pakistan by the intelligence services whilst collecting his young children from school," writes Dr Abdul Wahid

Pakistan installs new prime minister amid fallout of Imran Khan’s ouster

Muhammad Mussa 5 Min Read

Scores of Pakistanis have been protesting across the country and indeed the world at what they describe as US-meddling in their democracy.