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Labour demands “restoration of human rights” in Kashmir

Samera 5 Min Read

The Labour Party’s emergency motion condemns the region’s “complete lockdown” and leads to the cancellation of an annual dinner with the High Commission of India.

Is Pakistan leading the way with its welfare state?

Hamza Saleem 4 Min Read

Imran Khan educates the world….

UN Security Council discusses situation in Kashmir for the first time in decades

Hamad Momin 3 Min Read

The UN Security Council has met behind closed doors to discuss the ongoing situation in Kashmir as tensions continue to rise between Pakistan and India...

Kashmir: Pakistan expels Indian envoy and suspends trade

News Editor 3 Min Read

Pakistan expels top Indian diplomats and announces a five-point plan that includes the downgrading of ties with India and the suspension of trade with the country.

Urgent attempts to block an Uyghur man from being deported to ‘concentration camps’

Hamad Momin 5 Min Read

Uyghur activists say that Ablikim Yusuf will be deported to a concentration camp where he will either face torture or death.

Mufti Taqi Usmani survives assassination attempt that kills two

News Editor 2 Min Read

The renowned scholar was targeted by unidentified gunmen, but survived whilst two of his guards were killed