“Why is Allah doing this to us?”

Editorials General Latest Ramadan 1443 Women 11 Min Read

She was just taking her little girl home from school...

“Why can’t you have two mums, Amina?”

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Reading between the lines of Amina’s story

“When will it be right to be Muslim and gay?”

Background The above question has been the subject of a lingering controversy over the last few weeks, spawning heated, emotional

“We only die once” – Turkey’s Call to Arms to protect Jerusalem

Turkey says it has been rallying together an international peacekeeping force as the world looks on in horror at the

“Vote Today; Be Kafir Tomorrow”: The Issue of Voting

 That season of jostling for space to express a view on voting has once again descended upon the population here

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Opinion Politics UK 30 Min Read

Defacto Extremism

When discussing morals and beliefs, it is extremely difficult not to become entangled into a debate based around moral relativity, and that difficulty is played down no less when discussing shared British values. As Muslims, just as members of any other faith, we inextricably derive our morals, beliefs, and etiquettes

Opinion Politics UK 22 Min Read

Clarification on Counter-Terrorism Collaboration

This clarification has been written in the wake of a number of requests that have been received asking for clarification on the role of Muslim leadership in collaborating with the security services and police in counter-terrorism efforts in the UK. This document specifically analyses the political aspects of this issue

Analysis Opinion Politics UK 5 Min Read

The Squeeze: the shift in the debate

{mosimage} ...the government and certain right wing ideologues have sought to popularise the notion of Muslim separatism; this idea that Muslims have an ingrained antipathy toward Britain...

Opinion Palestine Politics 16 Min Read

A Man Amongst Cowards

The Prophet (peace be upon him) once stated, “The greatest jihad is to speak the word of truth to a tyrant”, a jihad that the Prime Minister of Turkey ever-so imperturbably undertook at the WEF (World Economic Forum) a couple of days ago. The WEF being a annual convention held

America Opinion Politics 7 Min Read

Is halting Guantánamo trials enough?

Within hours of taking office, President Barack Hussein Obama has issued an order to stop the military tribunals at Guantánamo Bay in order to review and possible overhaul them. Many would have hoped that the decision would have gone well beyond a mere review of the Military Commissions' process. However

America Opinion Politics 8 Min Read

New President, Same Rhetoric

Of course, the many Muslims of both the East and West who called for Obama’s support, with his every word on the tip of their tongues, will undoubtedly be overwhelmed with a sense of shame while many commentators both Muslim and otherwise resist the urge to say “told you so”.

Analysis Palestine Politics 20 Min Read

Regime Change: Western style

The debacle and contradiction that has become the Middle East doesn’t cease to amaze, with the continuous instigation of Western governments with malign intentions the Middle East has forestalled peace as if it would usher in the era of the anti Christ, and thus, the Middle East seems to be

Analysis Palestine Politics 18 Min Read

Myopic Tendencies

It seems that the many governments of the world have been afflicted with a bout of myopia, and in keeping with the current trend of Middle Eastern dictators, have bowed their heads in subservience to the American will. Of course, America has not only stood faithfully beside her Israeli brethren,

Editorials Palestine 8 Min Read

Urging the Muslims to perform Qunut for Muslims in Gaza

All praise is due to Allah, the One who hears that which is not heard by others, the one who provides relief from adversity and misfortune. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon the Prophet, his family and all of his Companions. It is clearly apparent to the

Opinion Politics UK 19 Min Read

Who are We and are We Proud to be British?

A Dialogue with the Muslim Community on Music, Culture, Identity and Britishness. As we said in the beginning of this series of articles, the debate around music is not limited to the legality of using musical instruments as was the case in the past; it has became part of a

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Why are new Muslims leaving Islam?

“I don’t know if you can help me; I don’t even know where to start.

Attractive Hijabs & Shari’ah

Living in the west, the hijab has become a potent indicator of identity with many

A James O’Brien masterclass in how to deal with people demanding Muslims apologise for #Charliehebdo

http://audioboom.com/boos/2784684-a-james-o-brien-masterclass-in-how-to-deal-with-people-demanding-that-muslims-apologise-for-charliehebdo/ Read today's post: In response to last night's shocking BBC Panorama by Dr Salman Butt Read

Reply from Dr. Haitham Al-Haddad to allegations made in the Daily Mail & Sunday Times newspaper

I was deeply saddened on Sunday morning to see the article in your newspaper maligning