“Why is Allah doing this to us?”

Editorials General Latest Ramadan 1443 Women 11 Min Read

She was just taking her little girl home from school...

“Why can’t you have two mums, Amina?”

Editorials General Latest Politics Ramadan 1443 10 Min Read

Reading between the lines of Amina’s story

“When will it be right to be Muslim and gay?”

Background The above question has been the subject of a lingering controversy over the last few weeks, spawning heated, emotional

“We only die once” – Turkey’s Call to Arms to protect Jerusalem

Turkey says it has been rallying together an international peacekeeping force as the world looks on in horror at the

“Vote Today; Be Kafir Tomorrow”: The Issue of Voting

 That season of jostling for space to express a view on voting has once again descended upon the population here

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Analysis Islamic Law 15 Min Read

Principles of Fiqh: Its Meanings & Benefits

The principles [usul] of Islamic Jurisprudence [fiqh] deals with the derivation of rulings [ahkam] relating to all matters of worship ['ibadah], dealings [mu'amalat] or any type of act conducted in this life from the Qur’an and the Sunnah of His Messenger, peace be upon him. In order to do this

Health Islamic Thought Opinion 9 Min Read

Al-Hijamah: Cupping Therapy

Introduction Allah the Most High stated in surah An-Najm: And he does not speak of his own desire. It is but an inspiration inspired. Taught to him by the firm and powerful1 and in surah Al-Hashr, The Almighty says, And whatsoever the messenger brings forth to you, then accept it,

Research Scripture 5 Min Read

Kitab al-Tawhid Commentary

Below are selected chapters that have been translated and annotated: Chapter 41: Sypnosis: deals with the importance of recognising Allah’s blessings and attributing them to Him, Most High. It is not befitting for the recipient of blessings to attribute them to others, forgetting the One in whose hand lies all

History Islamic Thought Opinion 17 Min Read

Qur’anic Attitudes to Pre-Islamic Society and Customs

 “We were a people of Jahiliyyah, worshipping idols, eating the flesh of dead animals, committing abominations, neglecting our relatives, doing evil to our neighbours and the strong among us would oppress the weak…”1 This was the ambassadorial address of Ja’far Ibn Abi Talib to the Negus of Abyssinia, describing the

Analysis General Politics 48 Min Read

The Place of Narrative and its Importance – Part 2

In part one I explored the relationship between ideology, narrative, and discourse. The hypothesis forwarded there was that these modes of thought form the mediating structures by which “raw” sensations turn into perceptions. By positing this description I hoped to show that social change could be generated discursively, since it

Analysis General Politics 39 Min Read

The Place of Narrative and its Importance

Introduction I have always claimed that how we “see” things is not an independent act but one that is mediated through structures of meaning learnt over time in the milieu of society. From this it follows that the way we “see” something shapes our response to it. What we “see”

Spirituality 22 Min Read

Dawud: a Prophet to Remember

Be patient (O Muḥammad) of what they say, and remember Our slave Dāwūd, endued with strength. Indeed, he was ever oft-returning in all matters and in repentance (toward Allāh). All praise is for Allāh and may He praise and send peace and blessings upon the Prophet. Every āyah (verse) in

Spirituality 9 Min Read

Disobedience Devastates Blessings

The illustrious scholar Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (751 AH) authored an incredible work, al-Da’ wa al-Dawā’ (The Disease and the Cure), in which he detailed with remarkable insight the hideous consequences of sinning and disobeying Allāh (subḥānahu wa taʿālā). In this article a tiny segment of his discussion is presented, where

Analysis Politics UK 11 Min Read

Decolonising the Mind through Critique

We live in a time of technological wonder. I can communicate with anyone in almost any part of the world at the click of a button. I can even see someone who is in another part of the world. In fact, today we are poised waiting for the next advancement.

Analysis Islamic Law 14 Min Read

Music: Consensus & Ijtihad pt 2

In a previous article I highlighted that the existence of a difference of opinion is not itself an evidence for a position that one holds. I also pointed out that not every difference of opinion is well-founded and therefore legitimate. This subject matter is by its nature academic and I

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Why are new Muslims leaving Islam?

“I don’t know if you can help me; I don’t even know where to start.

Attractive Hijabs & Shari’ah

Living in the west, the hijab has become a potent indicator of identity with many

A James O’Brien masterclass in how to deal with people demanding Muslims apologise for #Charliehebdo

http://audioboom.com/boos/2784684-a-james-o-brien-masterclass-in-how-to-deal-with-people-demanding-that-muslims-apologise-for-charliehebdo/ Read today's post: In response to last night's shocking BBC Panorama by Dr Salman Butt Read

Reply from Dr. Haitham Al-Haddad to allegations made in the Daily Mail & Sunday Times newspaper

I was deeply saddened on Sunday morning to see the article in your newspaper maligning