“Why is Allah doing this to us?”

Editorials General Latest Ramadan 1443 Women 11 Min Read

She was just taking her little girl home from school...

“Why can’t you have two mums, Amina?”

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Reading between the lines of Amina’s story

“When will it be right to be Muslim and gay?”

Background The above question has been the subject of a lingering controversy over the last few weeks, spawning heated, emotional

“We only die once” – Turkey’s Call to Arms to protect Jerusalem

Turkey says it has been rallying together an international peacekeeping force as the world looks on in horror at the

“Vote Today; Be Kafir Tomorrow”: The Issue of Voting

 That season of jostling for space to express a view on voting has once again descended upon the population here

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Campaigns Fataawa Islamic Law UK 6 Min Read

The Obligation to Support the Proposed New Mosque in East London

There has been an ongoing debate concerning the proposed establishment of a new mosque in East London. It is true that many Muslims and some non-Muslims are supporting it, yet we have also witnessed opposition to it from many including some members of the Muslim community. I find myself obliged

Spirituality 17 Min Read

Humility, Love & Attachment

This article is part of a free translation of al-Iftqar ila Allāh, Lubb al-ʿUbudiyyah by Aḥmad al-Suwayan In a previous article we discussed the essential and exalted condition of being in need of Allāh. This condition is realised through the achievement of states that are pivotal to the heart. Humility, love and attachment are

Analysis Finance 34 Min Read

The Islamic Mortgage: Paradigm Shift or Trojan Horse?

All praise is due to Allah and may His peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and all his Companions. During recent years there has been an unprecedented expansion in the range of commercial banking products labelled as “ Shari`ah compliant” in many countries of the world.

Opinion Politics 21 Min Read

Death of Multiculturalism?

Islam and Muslim’s have been used as the new vehicle to rally cynicism around the idea of multiculturalism. This happens from time to time. Take any period in history and you will see, not the absence of cynical demagoguery against the diversity of cultures, but a consistent ebb and flow

Analysis Politics UK 5 Min Read

Ghosts of the Past

For all the talk of “Islamic Fascism” what we have seen in the media for the past few weeks has been the rise of fascist bullying. Under the pretext of a debate, a shamelessly right wing attack has been levelled at a portion of Britons who have paid their taxes

Opinion Politics UK 27 Min Read

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Working on the current research project for Cageprisoners, the vast majority of our volunteers and workers are sisters dedicated to the important cause of the growing numbers of Muslim prisoners being held illegally in the War on Terror. Recruitment drives have proved fruitless; in a recent initiative using an internet

Analysis Islamic Law 15 Min Read

Maqasid and Mill: A Comparison of Basic Justice

Introduction Studies relating to the value of Muslims to British society have pushed forward one generally accepted paradigm: that the Muslim community has not accepted the value system of British society and thus does not subscribe to concept of Britishness. Serious questions can be raised regarding the worth of such

Europe Opinion Politics Special UK 13 Min Read

Advice To British Muslims Regarding The Coming Elections

In the current climate, many brothers and sisters in Britain have become preoccupied with the issue of the coming elections and debating the question of whether Muslims are allowed to vote and which party is most deserving of our vote. In reply, I would like to present the following clarification

General Islamic Thought Propagation 32 Min Read

Cooperation in Da’wah

Hence, many of these youngsters remain somewhat confounded by the mutual pull of these two pivotal matters: the benefit of working for Islam in an active and effective manner on the one hand and the harm of cooperating with opponents on the other. Indeed, the manifestations of this contradiction and

Fataawa Finance Islamic Law UK 23 Min Read

Islamic Ijara Mortgages by HSBC and Other Banks

Let me first brief the reader regarding the manner in which the scheme works. Under the ijara (rental) variety of Islamic mortgage, the bank purchases a property selected by the client, following a promise from the client that he or she will live in that property and purchase it after

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Why are new Muslims leaving Islam?

“I don’t know if you can help me; I don’t even know where to start.

Attractive Hijabs & Shari’ah

Living in the west, the hijab has become a potent indicator of identity with many

A James O’Brien masterclass in how to deal with people demanding Muslims apologise for #Charliehebdo

http://audioboom.com/boos/2784684-a-james-o-brien-masterclass-in-how-to-deal-with-people-demanding-that-muslims-apologise-for-charliehebdo/ Read today's post: In response to last night's shocking BBC Panorama by Dr Salman Butt Read

Reply from Dr. Haitham Al-Haddad to allegations made in the Daily Mail & Sunday Times newspaper

I was deeply saddened on Sunday morning to see the article in your newspaper maligning