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The untold 9/11 story | Dr Asim Qureshi | Unscripted #61

In today’s episode, Dr Salman Butt is joined by CAGE research director, Dr Asim Qureshi for a relatively rare perspective on 9/11.

They discuss 9/11 conspiracy theories, who did it, why they did it, and how it changed the world, and much more.


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About Asim Qureshi

Dr Asim Qureshi is a Human Rights Lawyer and is Co-DIrector of CAGE UK (previously known as Cageprisoners) where he works as the senior researcher. Asim has led investigations into Pakistan, Bosnia, Kenya, Sudan, Sweden, USA and around the UK. With his team of researchers, he has written and published many reports exposing the use of unlawful detention, rendition, and torture in the 'war on terror'. He is also the author of the book, "Rules of the Game: Detention, Deportation, Disappearance". The work analyses the global detention policies in the 'War on Terror' post 11th September 2001 and the impact on those most affected.


  1. I am an experienced Explosives Engineer and I said it when the 2nd Tower was hit that it is a controlled demolition. I immediateltly wrote to Editor , Newsweek but it was not published.

  2. It is nice to be important, but more important to be nice.

    The world we live in is constantly evolving. Our perspective, politics and legal knowledge, therefore will never remain a constant.

    Dr Asim Qureshi provided vivid insight into the topic about which many are still puzzled. He is an excellent role model for the youth and a champion of human rights and justice.

  3. The problem with conspiracy theories that surround acts carried out by Muslims can be understood by the following comment made a previously Jewish, Muslim convert, on brother Eddie’s The Deen Show, not long ago. Regarding 9/11, in the introduction part of the video, the following comment of his is included,

    “It was just physically impossible for Muslims to pull this off and the sophistication…”

    Later on in the video he also says, “Do I believe like there were the 19 hijackers and all that stuff. I don’t believe it happened like they said at all…There were Israeli “artists”…inside the World trade Centre for months, apparently to create some kind of art project. I believe in my heart of hearts they were wiring the place…” He did mention that he thought that different countries and some Muslims were involved, but he then proceeded to name only Israelis in the quote above. The old website has the conspiracy arguments as well as proof about the 19 hijackers, presented by the Muslim side, from the 19 Martyrs Video.

    There seems to be this constant message being to sent to Muslims, making us feel that we are inherently weaker and unsophisticated, as if we are never in charge of our own destiny, and that others (usually Israelis) are pulling the strings.

    Along with the general lack of recognition of the part that Muslims have played and continue to play in scientific and technological achievements, I’m just wondering what impact all this has on our psyche as an ummah. Also, getting bogged down in conspiracy theories has the effect of making people lose focus on the issues that will help us get out of the cycle of violence.

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