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Qunut al-Nazila for Syria in English Mosques


Living in a ‘civilised’ world we have grown used to international laws that govern and ensure the ‘rule of law’ is upheld and maintained.  Human life is sacrosanct and human rights are paramount. The International Criminal Court was established in 1998 to deal with serious crimes such as crimes against humanity, genocide, ethnic cleansing and war crimes. The International Criminal Court is overseen by the United Nations which, in itself, was established to ‘end’ future wars after the Second World War.

Well, you know, I have absolutely zero trust left in the ICC, the UN and in fact the entire International Community. What use are International Criminal Courts and laws when they cannot stop a small innocent Syrian girl suffering from napalm burns? Napalm is a substance which burns at a temperature of over 1000 degrees Celsius and sticks to human skin.[1]

What use are international laws that cannot prevent beautiful little toddlers gasping for oxygen because of a chlorine filled barrel bomb? What use are international conventions that cannot prevent civilian hospitals being bombed time and time again?[2]

What use is the United Nations when hundreds of thousands have been besieged, starved and bombed like confetti without so much as a single loaf of bread reaching them in four long years?[3]

There is no International Criminal Court for Syria, neither are there any International Laws or conventions to abide by. Let no one ever kid you into thinking that there is, because there are millions of Syrians who would rightly testify otherwise.

It hurts for me to say this, however, even endangered animals have been afforded more rights than the Syrians. Their habitats, environment, freedoms and numbers are protected through laws which are rigorously enforced. Shamefully, none of these same rules apply to our human brethren in Sham. In fact, the blood and the lives of our Syrian brethren have become so cheap that the UN itself stopped counting the number of deaths two years ago. So, no one can even definitively state the numbers who have died in this conflict.[4]

These laws are no laws, and these courts are no courts. The UN cannot do what it was established to do, hence there is no United Nations.

The blessed land of Sham is drenched in the blood of its martyrs, drowning in a sea of tears and persecuted like no other nation before them. Hundreds of thousands are besieged without food or supplies in cities such as Aleppo, Madaya, Ghouta, and Zabadani. The regime with Russian aerial supremacy have the upper hand and carry out crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing, genocides and international war crimes with impunity.  All this is done without even a single condemnation by so-called world leaders.  Syria is the calamity of all calamities.

At this point of such utter desperation, who else can we turn to other than Allah, our Creator, our Sustainer and the Giver of peace, dignity and honour?

For this reason, and also for the love of the blessed land of Sham and its people, the respected Ulamā of Preston have made the decision to start Qunūt al-Nazila for the next 30 days in Fajr Salāh. Join us in praying for Sham; moistening our beards and prayer mats with tears for the people of Syria; beseeching Allah to bring an end to the suffering.  Rather than the courts of the Dunya, the Masājid of Preston are putting the case for Sham in the Court of the King of Kings.  In this blessed month of Dhul-Hijjah, I humbly request that all the mosques in England pray for Syria. Let every single masjid in England reverberate with the duʿā’ of Qunūt al-Nazila in their Fajr Salāh.

اللهم انهم قتلوا الرجال و رمّلوا

O Allah! They have killed our men, 

النساء و يتّموا الأطفال  اللهم عجل 

widowed our women and orphaned our children, 

بفرج قريب اللهم عليك بطاغية الشام 

O Allah! Bring with haste an imminent victory. 

O Allah! Destroy the despicable tyrant of Syria 

و من والاه …..

and those allied with him. 

Destiny is in the hands of our Lord, however let us practice the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (sall Allāhu ʿalayhi wa sallam) and let us send out a message of love to our brothers, sisters and the beautiful, beautiful little children of Sham through our collective duʿā’s for Syria. Let us pray that Allah brings an end to this tyranny, alleviates their suffering and restores peace back to our blessed land of Sham.


Source: www.islam21c.com 


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About Mukhtar Master

Mukhtar Master has a BSc (Hons) in Business Information Technology and has worked in Local Government as a manager for over 20 years. He has been active for many years in the local political scene and also the anti-war movement in the UK.


  1. outta jail card hunting

    as it is dua……

    ya Nasser ya Hazim al ahzab ya Lateef ya Jabbar ya King of kings Allahoma insur al-islam w al muslimeen and make our feet steadfast and make tharina on our enemies and may we benefit from our eyes and ears and use them for good. And give us azeema ala al rushd and salaama min kul ithm and al thibat ala al-Haqq. Ameen.

    oh Allah may the current day hamzas and jafaars and alis and obeids of the ditch arise and not fear lumat laem and may the batsha and the lizam (what is that?) and ayat al-rum come into effect. oh Allah make us victorious in/on the lands and in/on the seas, oh Allah send the saba and the dabur. And if just to try and emulate our Beloved salla Allah alaih w selim, oh Allah may the ummah and islam made more honourable as it always has and is with the bringing to its folds a modern day omar or two or more.Ameen.

    just to end on a sour note and just a reminder and I hope I am wrong, but do be prepared to also be disheartened even more. Satan the clever dude has many tricks. so let us carry on even if people we love leave the deen and in-sha-Allah not us. and just one more reminder if I may, as we were advised, not to when we hate and love not to hate or love to the extreme, as one day perhaps the one we hated could be the one we end up loving one day and vice versa also true…..

    peace and blessings on the muqafi and the best of creation sayidna Muhammed w sahbaa.

  2. apologetic divider continuer sinner

    may Allah unite us all and may we all our hearts beat and breath with one rythem…Allah…Allah…Allah.

  3. The UN has always been a sham. nothing more than a League of Nations on steroids, and we all see the mess they created after WW1. The only way any peace can ever be made is if one side wins. now you may not like the side that ends up inning, but that is a fact of life. Had it not be for the UN we might have seen the end of Communism decades ago. The UN Asembly looks like a scene from the Star Wars Bar.

  4. Muhammad Rahman

    Assalam o Alaikum wa rahmatullah,

    I read this article with great concern. Jazak Allahu khairan for this. How I wish I could join you in Preston for this Qunut. Walahe i would have travelled 100s of miles for at least one fajar prayer to attend to this Qunut, but unfortunately I live in the “head headquarters of Islam” the Saudi Arabia!!! Where no such qunuts are thete to heat!! Just a mete mention of ” oh Allah give victory to Muslims every where “. Pathetic stste of affairs!! We call ourselves Muslim ummah. You ate right what can we do other than to turn to the Most Merciful and the Most wrathful, to destroy the tyrants including our own leafers who are silently watching all this, having meetings with the criminal leaders of so called civilised world.

  5. You can pray until the Nile freezes, it would be of no avail, the international community is still the only one to help you. And keep in mind this: the fight in the “blessed” land of Sham – which between us be the word, it is not blessed at all – is fought over who is Muslim and who is Muslim not enough. In other words God is deeply involved in this battle, and you accuse only the international community of not doing enough to stop it it!!!. I am sorry for you, but your “Creator” is not interested in your problem, or else, during these five years of madnesse, He would have done something to solve it, right? In the end, he needed only six days to create the universe. And what is your problem compared to the universe? Nothing or almost, right? Okay! Pray you as much you wish, but not forget to educate your children that man-made laws have priority over God-made laws, at least in public space. That would solve you many, many problems.

  6. Osama Hussein

    Not just England but Scotland and here in Wales also we pray and make sincere Duaa to Almighty Allah SWT to bring an end to the suffering of our brothers ans sisters in Syria and make the perpetrators taste the punishment they deserve in the world and in the Hereafter.

  7. Any mention of Syria brings tears to my eyes. Beautiful article with a beautiful message. But let us Muslims also have patience and hope because…

    Allah, no doubt, is the best of planners!

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