Hike against the Uyghur genocide! - Learning about the Uyghurs Whilst Hiking!

We’re a group of sisters protesting against the Uyghur genocide by hiking from Hastings to Rye! Join us! Walk-in solidarity with the Uyghurs! Learn what they’re going through in China’s concentration camps! Once we reach the end of our hike we will raise the East Turkestan flag in support of Uyghur freedom.

Hike Details

We will start our journey with a coach trip from Shepherds Bush Station to Hastings, where our hike will begin. Our hike will eventually finish at Rye, where a coach will be ready to pick us up back to Shepherds Bush Station. This will be a 5 hour hike with plenty of planned breaks, this will give us an opportunity to share the knowledge of what is currently taking place in East Turkestan More details will be shared after signing up.


So you're thinking of taking on this conquest with us?

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“While they were beating me, I cried out ‘Ya Allah!’. This made them beat me even more, mocking me saying ‘Go and find your god!’

From your sister, Zumrat Dawut, describing what happened to her in a concentration camp in Chinese-occupied East Turkestan. This is the time to stand in solidarity. Help us raise the necessary funds for ‘one of the biggest demonstration for Uyghurs ever” 

$1,526 of $38,519 raised