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Last year our content was viewed 20 Millions times.

Championing the rights of the Ummah

For the first time, Islam21c took a practical stand to eradicate the toxic practice of children being weaponized in marriages via a national campaign. The campaign was broadcasted on TV channels such as Islam Channel. Our call reached an audience of 100,000 and khutbas across the country on a dedicated Khutba day.
The team at present is taking a stance against the torture of our brothers and sisters of the Uyghur community.

Building Confident Muslims Impacting the World

Our Vision has always been: "To see every Muslim Confident and Impacting the world"
There are 1.6 Billion Muslims in the world but many aren't able to defend themselves and their iman. People are spiritually starving in the 21st century and loosing their faith. Together we can Inspire and Empower the Muslim community with Islamic guidance and solutions through transformational digital media, together we can reshape the future of the Ummah.