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Fleeing to prayer during testing times

The situation of the Ummah today necessitates that we remind ourselves of some important and beneficial reminders that will help us in our situation and relieve us from the resultant grief and concerns that we suffer from. We may also suffer from personal problems that also require a similar remedy.

A warning to the Facebook Shaykh and Twitter Mufti

Speaking without knowledge Before I started studying at The Islamic University of Madeenah, I worked as a social media officer for a well-known Muslim organisation. As time progressed, I noticed a worrying trend amongst Muslims, many of whom were speaking without knowledge by answering Islamic questions and in many cases,

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How do we deal with difficulty and loss?

As loss, deprivation and suicide are once again brought back into the spotlight, journalist Yasmin Khatun recalls her interview with Yasmin Mogahed and how one deals with difficulties of the dunya. Loss, deprivation, worries, we all face them. There's no escaping them. They are part and parcel of this world

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Babar Ahmad and the Reward for Doing Good

  He said "I am Yūsuf, and this is my brother. Allāh has certainly favoured us. Indeed, he who fears Allāh and is patient, then indeed, Allāh does not allow to be lost the reward of those who do good." These were the words spoken by the Prophet Yūsuf (‘alayhi

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The Jihād of Job Hunting

“Akhī, how can you go to a job interview with that beard?  Trim it down a bit.” “Akhī, why are you being so extreme?  Just shake her hand during the interview; Islām makes exceptions for necessities, and this is definitely a necessity.” “Akhī, why don’t you just ‘exaggerate’ a bit

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Lost in Logistics

"I am skydiving for Medical Aid for Palestinians; please donate generously for a truly worthy cause," is a request that was retweeted to me some months ago. Naturally, any attempt to raise money for a people who are suffering under the yoke of oppression and terror deserves support, but I

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The Language of Mercy in Contemporary Islamic Discourse

In the Bible it states: “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” It also states: “If thy brother, the son of thy mother, or thy son, or thy daughter, or the wife of thy bosom, or thy

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The Secret Worship

Many people complain that their iman is low and the sweetness of actions that they once tasted as they did when they first started their journey upon the Deen, is no longer there. The prayer has decreased to obligatory ones only, the effort to memorise the Quran is nonexistent. The

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Climbing the Mountain Pass of Knowledge

The best form of worship is when the act is performed with Allah in mind from the beginning until the end. All praise belongs to Him, and may the choicest benedictions and salutations be upon His Prophets. Some say that knowledge is power. This may be true in cases, but

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The Beauty of Istighfar

Incredibly, in our current times, we’ve come to almost abandon this virtue of constant istighfar and only seem to associate it with the major sins and when we fall into grave matters! When reading through the books, in particular the biographies and statements of our pious predecessors, one beautiful thing