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  1. timetable page 2 and three are not working> ERROR.
    Please sort it out……

  2. about voices
    one thing that is not accurate here is the jump from prohibition in talking in soft voices to prohibition of shouting out loud in talbiya.
    they are two diff. things. Talking in soft voices in our context means to the cute shy sweet voice that women sometimes can have when they are feeling shy. The voice comes out very sweet – teh exact opposite of what you want it to be when you are trying to be modest, because such a sweet soft voice is actually attractive and seductive. So when we talk to men, wwe should use fairly loud voices, make them as neutral as we can, and as business-like as we can, not soft and feminine. very important piont that a lot of women overlook and they can really mess things up by acting too coy.

  3. surah al mulk
    jazakiallah khair for the course

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