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History of Palestine

History of Palestine

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  1. The Radical Ryushin

    You need to re-look and question what you perceive and understand the consequences. Is it actually worth the trouble? Does the rewards out way the cost? Do human lives mean less than removing people from a land they believe to be theirs just as much as you do if not more?

    Do you want to risk everything knowing you already hold the al-Asqa Mosque have Arabic spoken as a co-national language in Israel and hold Muslim membership in Israel’s Knesset? Is it really worth it? Are you really going to go against your Muslim principles to take a land that can much more easily be secured through peace and cooperation without violence, skirmish, loud voices, and propaganda to become part of Arab League or even be repopulated by large with Muslims into being part of Muslim World once again?

    To me, what you hold so dear is nothing to be proud of. I do not value the death of anyone regardless of their religion or ethnic stance. What I feel is that if you tie yourself with the Ancient Israel, then you should call yourself Israeli and you should try to find common ground with the Israeli people. They shouldn’t be trying to find common ground with you. You should be trying to find common ground with them. If you believe you are the better people, then you have to act it and be it and be decisive instrumenting peace by appealing to the Israeli Jewish people for peace by finding common ground. By arguing for what they want. In turn, they will open up and agreement for peace that will allow Israeli occupation in the West Bank to end and blockade of Gaza’s ports to end.

    That is what we should consider a common ground of importance for human lives. As for Islam, the only thing important in terms of Islam is holding al-Asqa Mosque, which you already have and will continue to have. As for Jerusalem, if you go by my proposal you can secure Jerusalem without having to fight for it.

    Don’t fight a battle and tire yourself into exhaustion and death. Don’t fight a dishonorable war. Don’t fight a losing war. Don’t fight a war amongst your own people. Fight for the right to live and the right to prosper. Fight against your own people for that right. Fight against your fellow Muslims if you must. Do not allow yourself to be controlled by people claiming to be Muslims and yet not seeking to follow the tenets in Islam such as respecting Israel’s existence to be a Jewish state as stated in Sura 17: 100-104.

    Anyways those are my words.

  2. The Radical Ryushin

    This is how you resolve the issue.

    A two state solution would only lead to further confrontations. A bi-national state could relieve the plight of Palestinian concerns, but it would enable an Islamic take-over and a forced Jewish removal. A removal of Jews and Israel would still insure conflict as Arab leaders battle over each other. The Arab League is extremely fragile. Jordan and Palestine would go to war. Syria and Palestine would go to war.

    You are also likely to have a return of the Crusades as Christians may find it harder to visit the Holy Land to device the Crusader organizations and embolden current existing ones, which may take increasing measures to take over European countries and remove Islamic existence there, then invade Palestine and annihilate everyone there. All you need is for them take over France and they would have French nukes. One nuke is all you need to remove all Arab existence in Jerusalem.

    Things might be bad now, but they could be much, much worse.

    I know what people want and know what people feel. But they are not thinking of anything other than what they want and feeling as though that is the right decision unaware they could lose much more from these impulsive decisions.

  3. The Radical Ryushin

    What would this nation of Jews and Muslims and Christians consist of?

    A federal country consisting of two by-large autonomous provinces, an autonomous capital district of Jerusalem, Arabic and Hebrew as the two national languages, Islam and Judaism as the two national institutions of faith with a recognized Christian minority, Israel to be the name of the country and Israeli to be the name of the nation, and the federal government to be establish recognizing it self to be neutral and only bridging the unity of the two provinces and its capital. An establish constitution would prevent any rights from being abridged thus in theory should prevent skirmishes between religious groups and given they facilitate within their own territory, there would be no problems.

    Gaza would be independent and can be established as an Islamic state.

    Samaria and Judea would be secular having their own institutions and respecting the rights of their Jewish, Christian, and Muslim minorities given that Samaria would be Muslim majority and Judea would be Jewish majority or with a Jewish Plurality if the agreement can be arranged to have refugees returned only on the condition of agreeing and promoting and tolerating secular principles.

  4. The Radical Ryushin

    It is Arab in spirit, which is dangerous. Muslims are unaware of why the Caliphate had died out so many times in the past. It simply did so, because it was too big. Empires due their size are destined to die out. It is just the nature of imperialism. Rather than conflicts between tribes you have conflict between people within a state or the empire it self. Islam doesn’t hold any effect on deterring this nature. It could embolden it. Should you have unjust Sultan, the institution of Islam may rise against him to remove him. But this would cause civil war. Such as the Iranian Revolution.

    You don’t know it yet, but what you call honor and justice is often quite the opposite or may result in the opposite and what you feel is often an impulse of irrationality that only causes more death and harm to the people you love. You cannot live off your impulses regardless of how you feel. Your feelings are your enemy. They make you turn against your faith and against your family. Or side with your family and your society, believing you are siding with your faith even though you do acts that Quran says you should not do.

    Avoiding doing acts by the basis of how you feel is the manner in which allows you to obey the rules and conduct emphasized in the Quran.

    As a Palestinian (hopefully not a Middle-Class or Elitist, which are immigrants), your only goal is to unite your people together a single nation. Not just those who designate themselves as Palestinians in your group but also those who do not in the Israeli group, including Ashkenazis as Ashkenazis have been attested by DNA sequence to be closer related to you than to other Europeans. That in it self makes them related to you. As your relatives, it should be their interest to unite in a solidarity of a country with your people as a single nation.

  5. The Radical Ryushin

    One issue fatally divided Arab and Jew in Palestine: immigration. Jews would not compromise over immigration which they needed as a means of escaping European persecution and which was a core doctrine of Zionism. The Arabs for their part could not compromise on immigration because to do so would effectively end their majority in Palestine. As time went on the conflict between the two communities became increasingly bitter.

    It is important to note that the major conflict can be trace to two fundamental arguments.

    1) Jews were Europeans therefore immigrants and largely illegal. They seek to remove the indigenous inhabitants who are Muslims, Christians, and a small Jewish population. – Palestinian.

    2) Jews were descendants of the actual natives and not people who immigrated from Mecca during the sixth and seventh century or later after the thirteenth century when the Crusaders had finally left, the book of Islam demands respect towards people of the book which includes Jews (that makes all Palestinians false-muslims, because they often do not respect Judaism such as peeing on the wailing wall which was done by Palestinians), and the leaders of the Palestinian-National movement under Grand Mufti of Jerusalem had performed genocidal acts on Jews during WWII and supported the Nazis. – Zionist

  6. The Radical Ryushin

    On November 2, the British Foreign Secretary, Arthur Balfour, made his landmark Balfour Declaration of 1917, expressing the government’s view in favor of “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people”, and specifically noting that its establishment must not “prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

    As the declaration was being finalized, the Bolsheviks took over Russia. On 23 November, they released a copy of the previously secret Sykes–Picot Agreement, among others, publishing its full text in Izvestia and Pravda, and it was subsequently printed in the Manchester Guardian on November 26. This caused Britain great embarrassment, because of the conflicting plans and promises it revealed.

    Arab nationalists predominantly perceived Zionism as a threat to their own aspirations. This sense was heightened, by the growth of Zionist labor movement and its “Hebrew labor” program. The latter was an effort to increase Jewish immigrant employment, secure the creation of a Jewish proletariat, and to prevent Zionist settlement from turning into a standard colonial enterprise. Initially, it sought to develop separate settlements and economies and campaigned for the exclusive employment of Jews; it later campaigned against the employment of Arabs. Its adverse effects on the Arab majority were increasingly noted by the mandatory administration.

    Initially Palestinian Arabs looked to the Arab-nationalist leaders to create a single Arab state, however Faisal’s agreement with Weizmann led Palestinian-Arabs to develop their own brand of nationalism and call for Palestine to become a state governed by the Arab majority, in particular they demanded an elected assembly. Zionist supporters were by now aware of Arab opposition, and this led the movement in 1921 to pass a motion calling on the leadership to “forge a true understanding with the Arab nation”.

  7. The Radical Ryushin

    In 1916 Hussein bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca (in Arabia), began an “Arab Revolt” hoping to create an Arab state in the Middle East. In the McMahon–Hussein Correspondence British representatives promised they would allow him to create such a state. They also provided him with large sums of money to fund his revolt.

    In February 1917 the Tzar was overthrown and Kerensky became Prime Minister of the Russian Empire. Jews were prominent in the new government and the British hoped that Jewish support would help keep Russia in the war. In June 1917 the British army, led by Allenby, invaded Palestine. The Jewish Legion participated in the invasion and Jabotinsky was awarded for bravery. Arab forces conquered Transjordan and later took over Damascus.

    In August 1917, as the British cabinet discussed the Balfour Declaration, Edwin Samuel Montagu, the only Jew in the British Cabinet and a staunch anti-Zionist, “was passionately opposed to the declaration on the grounds that (a) it was a capitulation to anti-Semitic bigotry, with its suggestion that Palestine was the natural destination of the Jews, and that (b) it would be a grave cause of alarm to the Muslim world.”. Additional references to the future rights of non-Jews in Palestine and the status of Jews worldwide, were thus inserted by the British cabinet, reflecting the opinion of the only Jew within it. As the draft was finalized, the term “state” was replaced with “home”, and comments were sought from Zionists abroad. Louis Brandeis, a member of the US Supreme Court, influenced the style of the text and changed the words “Jewish race” to “Jewish people”.

  8. The Radical Ryushin

    When the war started in 1914, most Jews viewed Tsarist Russia, on the Allied side, as the historic enemy of the Jewish people and there was tremendous support for Germany. In much of Eastern Europe the advancing Germans were regarded as liberators by the Jews. Russian Jewish immigrants to Britain avoided the draft. The Jewish Legion was established as a means of recruiting Russian immigrants to the British war effort and was dominated by Zionist volunteers.

    In the United States, still officially neutral, many Russian and German Jews supported the Germans as did much of the large Irish American community. Britain was anxious to win US support for its war effort, and winning over Jewish financial and popular support in the US was considered vital. The most prominent Russian-Zionist migrant in Britain was chemist Chaim Weizmann. Weizmann developed a new process to produce Acetone, a critical ingredient in manufacturing explosives that Britain was unable to manufacture in sufficient quantity. In 1915, the British government fell as a result of its inability to manufacture enough artillery shells for the war effort. In the new Government, David Lloyd George became the minister responsible for armaments, and asked Weizmann to develop his process for mass production.

    Lloyd George was an evangelical Christian and pro-Zionist. According to Lloyd George when he asked Weizmann about payment for his efforts to help Britain, Weizmann told him that he wanted no money, just the rights over Palestine. Weizmann became a close associate of Lloyd George (Prime-Minister from 1916) and the First Lord of the Admiralty (Foreign Secretary from 1916), Arthur Balfour.

  9. The Radical Ryushin

    Back on the Historical constructionist and founder of Zionism, Theodore Herzl. Herzl actually did won significant agreement with the Kaiser and other governments in the region including the Turkish Government, the Ottoman Empire. Where he received the “Commander’s Cross of the Order of the Medjidie,” which is the highest medal of honor in the Turkish government for his proposal of creating a Jewish Palestine. Even though the Sultan refused to hand over Palestine, such a position this stimulate much root in the Islamic world against the establishment of a Zionist state even though the Zionist state would be subordinate and a Dhimmi (paying the Dhimmi tax) to the Caliphate, paying to refinance the Ottoman Empire and pay off its debts. There was a arrangement with the Egyptian Government that they would take the Sinai. Herzl’s draft of a charter for a Jewish-Ottoman Land Company (JOLC) gave the JOLC the right to obtain land in Palestine by giving its owners comparable land elsewhere in the Ottoman empire. So there was much more than Herzl had done.

    In 1903, following the Kishinev Pogrom, a variety of Russian anti-Semites, including the Black Hundreds and the Tsarist Secret Police, began combining earlier works alleging a Jewish plot to take control of the world into new formats. So much of the idea Jews are trying to take over the world can be traced back to this established rhetoric that people of today have bought into.

    Support for Zionism was not a purely European and Ashkenazi phenomenon. In the Arab world, the first Zionist branches opened in Morocco only a few years after the Basel conference, and the movement became popular among Jews living within the Arab and Muslim world. Although levels of persecution were generally lower there, Jewish residents still faced some religious persecution, prejudice and occasional violence. A number of the founders of the city of Tel Aviv were Moroccan Jewish immigrants. Ottoman Salonika had a vigorous Zionist movement by 1908.

  10. The Radical Ryushin

    But it shouldn’t be about who is indigenous or and who isn’t. That isn’t going to resolve anything nor do I believe the argument of “this is my grandpa’s land” to be of any value in a formal debate of formalizing who the land belongs to.

    Land belongs to everyone. The entire Earth belongs to every Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, or whatever your system of beliefs are. How we should proportionate the Earth should consist of the mutual agreement of the people in large, not in majority, but as a collective whole.

    It is responsibility as humans regardless of being Muslims or Jews to take care of our planet and of our species. We shouldn’t divide ourselves on the association of our beliefs. We are one species. We are an animal, a primate, a monkey either created out of evolution or by god if that is your belief. But we are inseparable from the cloth of god that brought us into being. There are no differences. The differences are created out of prejudice, not out of Allah.

    As for WWI, the British actually sought to acquire the help of Jewish Bankers by appealing to the Zionist movement, not the other way around. The British needed money to finance the war and turned towards powerful Jewish bankers. We all know this.

  11. The Radical Ryushin

    The indigenous people are Arabs? I don’t think so. Yes a good number had converted to Islam. A good number adopted an Arab culture. But not all of them are indigenous. Some of them are from Mecca and Medina and moved out during Islam’s beginnings. Some are Turks that populated during the rise of Ottoman Empire. Some are Mameluke Egyptians. And even before the rise of Islam, there was a heavy population of Syriacs or Syrians, Greeks, and Romans, which attested to the majority of the former Christian population that would later convert to Islam. You have to remember when Judea was taken over by Rome and even before it was taken over there was a heavy migration of Greeks and Romans into Judea. When it was taken over by the Sassanian Empire of Iran, Iranians had moved in. These people did not leave and did not entirely intermarry with the locals. So there is always an ethnic diversity of cross-populated indigenous people and people who live there are not at all related to the indigenous people and this was before the arrival of Arabs. Then of course you have to remember the Crusades and the butchery that brought any native people in the region to near-extinction. If there was a revival of population in the region it was probably of non-indigenous people like Arabs, Crusaders or Europeans, and Seljuk Turks.

    Then the Jews came and attested themselves as descendants of the original inhabitants. Now DNA does actually support this. As awkward as it is believed? What is it believed in the first place? Why would even first begin to believe that they could possibly not be related to the indigenous small population of native Jews and converted or reverted population of present day Muslims and Christians, although it would only be a very small portion of that population.

  12. The Radical Ryushin

    However, the movement of Zionism is not the history of Palestine. It is just a chapter. If you are to say this is the beginning of Palestinian History, then you are admitting there is no history of Palestine prior to the 1880s.

    Actually Zionism first began religiously under the structure of the Orthodox Group. After the death of the founder, did the movement turn towards Secularism. Of course, most currently it has moved towards a return to the religious. But I don’t understand what makes the difference. I’ve never of a Muslim that likes Secularism in Europe nor the return of Orthodoxy in Zionism. So what is the difference? You don’t like either of them.

    Hertz was an Orthodox Jew and sought Orthodox support for the movement. The cultural Zionists took control after his death and brought the movement away from the Orthodox establishment.

    The establishment in Uganda was implemented but was highly unsuccessful just as previous attempts of establishing a Zionist state like in America, Canada, or in South America. The closest successful movement was in Armenia and Khazaria until the Khazars were annihilated by the Mongols and Armenia adopted Christianity.

  13. The Radical Ryushin

    And regardless of who you call your enemy. You have to accept your enemy of being a human being and as a human being you have to respect him. The biggest key to victory in any war is respecting your nemesis whoever your nemesis is. In WWII, Britain, USSR, and America all respected Adolf Hitler even though Hitler pushed deep into Soviet territory, destroyed American ships in the Atlantic, tortured and tormented Jews, Cripples, Gypsies and Communists in the Holocaust, and annihilated almost the entire infrastructure on the surface of the British Isles.

    During the Crusades, Richard the Lion Heart was respected by the Turks and Arabs even though he slaughtered thousands of them. Saladin likewise was respected in Europe even though he slaughtered thousands of Crusaders. Saladin and Richard both respected each other. People who respect their enemy in turn get respected by their enemy and it is he who shows the least respect that always loses the battle. Often because he loses the legitimacy of his confrontation. Hitler held no respect for the Soviet Union, America, or Britain. He ended up losing to all three.

    There is information about this in your Quran. Read it.

    Now lets see about this Palestinian side to this dispute and I shall only talk about the portions that I disagree with. “1880’s Jewish Zionist movement began due to increase attacks in Europe.” Well it wasn’t just attacks but also ethnic genocide. The first Holocaust since the Inquisition and Crusades was done in the Russian Empire where it was decreed that 1/3 of all Jews were to be killed. Rather than dying, the Jews fled to Palestine or as it was called, the Sanjak of Jerusalem under the Ottoman Empire or Ottoman Dynasty of the Caliphate.

  14. The Radical Ryushin

    I am not dissing Islam and do forgive me if that is your belief, but seriously. Let us think within a rational mind rather than one that is irrational and keen to feelings rather than logic. Let us view the world as it is rather than how we believe it should be.

    With that said I will now review this Video and give you my thoughts.

    Understanding the conflict between Israel and Palestine does not root in the Zionist movement. Perhaps you can understand through the Zionist movement, but only on a personal side of the confrontation. To understand any matter of dispute, you have to understand and listen to both sides or all sides. Such as the case may be between India and Pakistan, Israel and Palestine, Hausa-Fulani vs Edo-Yoruba-Igbo in Nigeria, Arab-Sudanis vs Southern Sudanis, Greece and Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia, Chechnya and Russia, Uyghurs and China, or even between Croatia-Bosnia-Serbia.

    What is the Palestinian side of the dispute? There is more than one interpretation or story, Hamas and Fatah don’t have the same view. Anti-Zionist Jews and Palestinians don’t have the same view. What is the Israeli or Zionist side? There is more than one interpretation or story. Israeli Extremists in the settlement and the Zionist Military don’t agree with everything. The Zionist Government and the Zionist Extremists don’t agree with everything. That is important to notice.

    People often don’t agree with each other. It is hard even amongst Nazis that rarely agree with everything. Ever watched project Valkery? When the Nazis tried to kill Adolf Hitler? That should show you if believe there is a coalition between Nazi ideology and Zionist ideology. You would have to believe Zionists don’t share the same views with each other. Sometimes that is important to understand where they actually stand and how they differ from one another.

  15. The Radical Ryushin

    The Issue what is History and what is not History.
    It is important to understand humanity when addressing humans. To a Muslim this seems unimportant, because you feel you will know everything by knowing Allah even though it says such is impossible in the Quran, thus making it pointless to draw a conclusion of what Humanity should be from the Quran.

    We therefore have to draw away from it and use our understanding of logic and observations of human behavior to understand humanity.

    From this understanding we can then understand how humanity behavior should or how to frame society to bring out the best in human behavior either under a fully secular institution or one facilitated under Islamic roots and teachings. I don’t think the issue of religion really matters so much, since religion can easily be misinterpreted and people who follow religion usually show a blind eye to people who don’t agree with the same beliefs, but pay follow the same practices perhaps out of instinct (which I say Muslims are oblivious about). Point being, people can easily be just as corrupt or not as much corrupt regardless of what religion they follow. Following a religion should come out of the desire of the individual, not the collective will of society or humanity as a whole. A difference in understanding this helps understand the nature of what religion should play on people’s lives. Should it invade and take over. Or should it be secondary and unique to each individual.

    Should we conform to our beliefs as a whole or allow individuality connect with religion so each of us has our own personal connection with god. So god may know of us on an individual and personal level rather than one connected by some middle-man.

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