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Islam in the 21st Century Show; Gaza – The Spark that Ignited the Ummah

Gaza: The Spark that Ignited the Ummah

Two years on, it is very easy for a violent memory to be lost amidst the current day affairs affecting Muslims. The i21c Show hosts a special episode in memory of the 2008 Israeli aggression on Gaza. In this episode, our host Abu Haneefa uses a key article from islam21c as a reference to base his discussion.

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This Episode is divided into 4 parts.

{tab=Part 1}
Part 1
{tab= Part 2}
Part 2
{tab= Part 3}
Part 3
{tab= Part 4}
Part 4

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About Ustadh Abu Haneefah Sohail

Abu Haneefah is an educationalist and student of knowledge. He has worked extensively in community projects in the UK. He holds regular study circles on reflections on the Qur'ān and his field of expertise is the tarbiyya of young people.


  1. May Allah Help the Oppressed
    Masha’allah, fantastic idea.
    No, shame on you Jamie!! If you have nothing supportive to say, shut up!

  2. Lies
    12:45 minutes of lies. Shame on you.

  3. I want to remain anonymous

    Gaaza or Ghazza?
    Why do we say Gaaza, when the pronunciation should be Ghazza?

  4. great idea
    masha allah, a great idea. I love the concept of having an islam21c discussion panel on articles from this website. I hope there are more to come

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