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iPad 2 Treasure Hunt 2011

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Sponsored by     Final riddle is out. All 12 answers must be submitted to us by email ([email protected]) within 24 hours, deadline being 10am (GMT) Thursday 6th October 2011. From all the


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# Article Title Author Hits 1 The Correct Time to Start your Fast (Inc Timetable) Shaikh (Dr) Haitham Al-Haddad 63075 2 Gaza: The Spark that Ignited the Ummah Fahad Ansari 53353 3

Article Formatting Guidelines

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This short guide has been written in order to provide writers with guidance on how to format their work before submission.   Below is a list of things the article should conform

Article Planning Guideline

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The article is designed to aid an author wishing to contribute to Islam21c to understand the distinctive nature,remit and interest of the site. Please use the information below as a framework and