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About i21C

Islam21c is the flagship website of MRDF (Muslim Research & Development Foundation) which operates as a non-profit UK registered chairty 1119977 under the guidence of Sheikh (Dr) Haitham Al HaddadIslam21c is fast becoming a leading online reference point dedicated to providing Islamic guidance and solutions to the problems/issues faced by western Muslims in the 21st century, according to the agreed upon principles of Ahl’assunnah wa’l-jama’ah.

Commonly it has been held that classical Islam is at varied odds with modernity and that this ‘medieval’ way of life cannot be realised in contemporary society. However, Islam21c seeks to show that Islam is a comprehensive world view incorporating a way of life, a system of belief, a 1400 year old history and a divine system of law. We sincerely believe that the exploration of such a world view has not been afforded a just amount of time due to bias fuelled by the media. Thus, we seek to envisage a classical, orthodox, and traditional Islam in contemporary Western society, with the aim to highlight, critically analyse, and systematically educate.
Islam21c  offers guidence and solutions by way of publishing articles, legal rulings, announcements, videos and developing online multimedia products using the principles of Islam as a source of governance and guidance, and is dedicated to presenting a more lucid and confident Muslim voice on various topics. We believe that Islam has a great deal to offer Britain and the West and that a clearer and more equal exchange of ideas will lead to a flourishing quality of life in Britain for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
The website strives to articulate Islam in a modern context and address the unique situation and challenges faced by Muslims in the West.


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