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Article Planning Guideline

The article is designed to aid an author wishing to contribute to Islam21c to understand the distinctive nature,remit and interest of the site. Please use the information below as a framework and guideline to structure the concepts and ideas of the points/issues/topics you wish to articulate within your article. We receive many requests for publication of articles, however, unless an article fits our criteria and remit, it generally will not reach the publication process. We welcome guest authors but cannot always guarantee publication. Unless otherwise stated we cannot commit to either replying to unsuccessful article submissions or informing successful authors in exactly when their article will be published.
Background to our Ideology
This site aims to act as a merger of Western and Classical Islamic ideas, as well as theological doctrine. It imparts the methodology in dealing with the social needs of Muslims (as well as wider community) by way of forming the basis of an approach to primarily deal with the social, political, theological, and economical welfare of Muslims.

Planning Your Article
Step 1: Assess and ensure the purpose of your article contributes to the welfare and social needs of the Muslim Community, primarily in the West.
Step 2: Your article should primarily focus on ideas, problems, issues that are:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Theological
  3. Philosophical
  4. Social
  5. Political
  6. Legal
  7. Economical
Structuring your article conceptually

Your article may take the form of any combination of points within A and B, with C being the natural outcome. We encourage the use of supporting references (Islamic & secular), case studies, news reports, research etc. to strengthen your points, ideas, arguments. Using the above framework facilitates avoiding the generic rhetoric found in most articles within todays muslim discourses.

Please refer to the writing guidelines document here to format your article correctly and click here to submit your article.

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