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iPad 2 Treasure Hunt 2011

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Final riddle is out.

All 12 answers must be submitted to us by email ([email protected]) within 24 hours, deadline being 10am (GMT) Thursday 6th October 2011. From all the correct answers we will randomly pick a winner and announce it here 10am (GMT) on Friday 7th October 2011.

Final Riddle 12 (Answer on Islam21c)


Read in derived from city in Greek
The council’s qadhi’s strong critique
Counter to the premier’s senseless view
Decried by most save but a few
In what way does he seek to overcome
Described by which the tongue is one

Riddle 11 (Answer on Prophetictimeline)

Before the call was a trader from Aden
Whose tale concluded a virtuous leave
The plea of Tamim’s patriarch was laden
To take their values and within them weave
For the redolent from four to employ all tact
In whose abode was this goodly pact?

Riddle 10 (Answer on Prophetictimeline)

Remember the first of the causes made


Being a third of one that the good were bade
In the love of one to discharge their sin
To counter Azar’s ideological kin
In the lessons of what we can take from this
Who are the dark which it helped distinguish

Riddle 9 (Answer on Islam21c)

Read in the rules which mediate our lives
Where each and everything is described
The forging bonds that are divinely bound


Cannot be broken through mortal crowns 


Name the means which is sanctioned for those
Seeking release against the will of whom they chose

Riddle 8 (Answer on Prophetictimeline)

Soon after return to the home of the House
News was heard of the Byzantine louse
A Dumahn king was caught by the Sword
Whose spirit engaged and returned to his Lord
Zakariyya’s sign was reversed on the three
Who is the first who is stated of these?

Riddle 7 (Answer on Islam21c)


Watch the four who are keen of mind
The solution they say is of the struggling kind
Their words are into quarters split
In one of them the answer sits
Reminded of Washington’s occupational line
How did he describe self-focus that time? 

Riddle 6 (Answer on Islam21c)

Read in the part which touches the soul
How straying away consumes us whole
Except for those who cancel the crime
Their hearts consumed by the lack of time
In the eighth and the ninth of the trait we learn
Then who is the one who repeatedly turns?

Riddle 5 (Answer on Islam21c)

Read in the texts of silver and gold
A Timolian face to a problem told
The guardian’s greed has led to demise
By creating that which was never alive
To gain a prize not theirs to possess
What is its nemesis which is always blessed?

Riddle 4 (Answer on Islam21c)

Follow the essence which within you lies
When its castle’s beseiged by land and skies
Salvation can be found in a heavy word
Which descends from higher than any bird
The Prophet advised refuge because he knew
To what is the likening of raindrops due?


Riddle 3 + clue (Answer on Islam21c)

Look for the sign of a darkening day
In the part of Law you should go to play (this tells you where to go on the homepage to find the article. something to do with law but first determine whether is islam21c or prophetic timeline)
With the celestial giant in phased display (this directs you to the article title…what celestial giant can you think of that displays its self in the sky/space and has phases? once you know look for it in the title of the articles) 
Division and pain now follow behind (it has caused division and pain…)
Clouding judgement amongst a mass of minds 
In the part between the cave and the bee (this directs you to where in the article to find the answer)
From when should prayer be established timely? (answer this and you should have a word or a number)
Riddle 2 + clue (Answer on Islam21c)
Read in the part of the study of God (find another word for the ‘study of god’ and you will see which ‘part’ of the website to start your search)
Of the one made of the dark potter’s mud (hint to the name of the article)
Those who say he was a primal creation (another hint to the name of the article)
Deny the truth and indulge variation (a final hint to the article title)
In the family of Mary’s father’s part (where in the article to find the answer)
What is the stated affliction of heart? (Answer this and you’ve solved the riddle)
Riddle 1 + clue (Answer on PropheticTimeline.com)

Read in the time of the Prophet’s Line (Clue to which site to go to between islam21c.com or prophetictimeline.com)
When 5 shy of 600 was the start of the time (hint where on that site to go first)
That the shepherd was taken from his flock (hint to where in the text to find the answer)
To care for the caravans and all its stock (hint to where in the text to find the answer)
The desert beast was a term exchanged (hint to where in the text to find the answer)
How many of it for the hand proclaimed? (Answer this and youve solved the riddle)

Why Play? 

MRDF have two leading online projects of their kind. The first being islam21c.com and the second is prophetictimeline.com. Although both are very different in their essence and purpose you will find that the content hosted within each will not be found elsewhere on the Web. We have learnt that Muslims need more encouragement to read and benefit from the litreture available to us. And so we created an online Treasure Hunt in which we use fun riddles to encourage you to read and benefit from the material on our sites.

How it works…(please read carefully)

The first of 12 riddles has been released (link below) and there will be 11 more to follow over the course of 4 weeks. Each week we will release 3 riddles (on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays). 

All riddles will be posted on this page. Every time the next riddle is released we will send you an email update. To recieve this update either sign up on the form to the right or keep a regular eye on this site. 


How to play

Once you have the cryptic riddle, study it carefully for it will lead you to its answer. From the riddle you will be able to work out the following;

      1)      Which of the two MRDF websites to go to for the answer (www.islam21c.com or www.prophetictimeline.com)

      2)      Which area of the website to find that answer (if for e.g islam21c then under the category Texts or Politics and Law etc)

      3)      Which content to find the answer (article, text, video etc)

      4)      Where within that content the answer lies (you will have to read to find it.)

      5)      The answer, either a word or a number names and numbers such as John Smith or Twenty Five count as one word).

Once you think you have the answer (a word or number) keep it safe and wait for the next riddle to solve. You will eventually have 12 riddles to send to us. 

If the riddle is too difficult, dont give up. You can answer them whenever you like, miss some out and come back to them later. The only deadline you have to work towards is Friday 7th October 2011, 10.00 am (GMT). The last riddle will go out at this time and we will give you the email address to send in all your answers from then onwards not before.

How to win

Once the final riddle is announced you will have 12 answers (12 words/numbers only) to submit to the email address we provide to you (sent with the final riddle). To make things more interesting wehave decided to change the way we pick our winner. Instead of the first hunter to send all 12 correct answers being the happy owner of an brand new 32GB iPad2 (wi-fi & 3G), we will give 24 hours from the time the last riddle is released for you to send us your 12 answers. Then all the correct answers will be put into a draw a winner picked at random and announced.


Enjoy the Journey of seeking knowledge in a fun way and share this with you friends and family so they can enjoy it too.

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