"Deeds are judged by their ending." (Bukhari)

Last Chance. Still Time

Last Day of Ramadan

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Why this Production?
Our latest production is showing you a very important, heart-touching series of stories we’ve been working on to highlight the plight of many a normal British Muslim family, to stress the importance of Islam21c’s work.
Some of it will shock you, some of it may anger you. But this reality is happening right now and we anticipate that many Muslim families like yours will be facing these situations and won’t know what to do. 
“To see every Muslim confident & impacting the world”
Islam21c’s Work
Islam21c’s strength of looking to build Muslims of the future, makes it slightly more difficult for some to see the importance of building confidence and impact in Muslims. It takes foresight to see the importance of sowing seeds of a strong, confident, impactful community tomorrow, today.
Challenges Ahead
The times we live in require these people not to give up but to continue to take action to build strength and change the situation of Muslims, before the inconvenient obstacles of today become the insurmountable challenges or crises of tomorrow. Indoctrination of children under the pretext of “Relationships Education”; our youth’s confidence in Islām; the problematisation of Muslimness; stigmatising Muslim minorities as an ‘enemy within’; structural injustice; Islamophobia; the list of challenges Islam21c provides leading discourse and narratives on—by the grace of Allāh—goes on, and is increasing.
This requires us to continue our work to overcome these major obstacles to Muslim confidence and empowerment, such as that shown in Amina’s story.
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