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Your Sadaqah creates transformational digital media that inspires and empowers Muslim communities to be confident and impact the world through activism locally, nationally and globally. We collaborate with leading thinkers and scholars to ensure our guidance is trustworthy and relevant.


All of the funds raised through this campaign will go towards supporting Islam21c’s mission of promoting a positive understanding of Islam in the modern world. We believe that education and engagement are the keys to building bridges between Muslims and non-Muslims, and your contributions will help us to continue this important work.

Your contributions will help us to create more resources, events, and programs that benefit the Muslim community.

Have you ever watched the news and wondered about its reliability of the news?  

Have you ever read an article and seen how Muslim criminals are highlighted while criminals of other faiths are shown as outliers?  

Have you ever had questions about Islam and not known which source to turn to for answers? 

 If so, then you are not alone. Hundreds and thousands of Muslims across the globe face the same issues and problems but little to nothing is being done to change this situation. 

 Over the last 17 years, Islam21c has been at the forefront of challenging western perspectives and providing guidance to Muslims across the globe. Islam21c provides articles, podcasts and videos aimed at tackling the problems being faced by Muslims today as well as defending Muslims in the mainstream media. From answering questions about student finance to questioning the changes in the feminist movement, Islam21c is working to provide solutions and guidance to Muslims.  

In an age where information is widely available, however not all information is correct, especially that is related to our deen. Unlike other organisations, Islam21c takes this very seriously and possesses the scholarly know-how to provide the Muslim community with solutions. Our content is checked for authenticity before it is published. We have an Islamic board that overlooks content so that it is Islamically correct.

But our mission doesn’t end here..

Islam21c, in contrast to other organisations, has spoken up against injustice, whether our chief editor Salman Butt taking the government to court over Prevent or Islam21c organize a rally in front of the Chinese embassy for our Uyghur brothers and sisters that was described as the largest Uyghur demonstration ever, Islam21c is more than just an ordinary online platform.