Is George Galloway’s win start of a sea change in UK politics?

Zishan Khan Shaheer Choudhury 11 Min Read

George Galloway's Rochdale win shows that political parties can no longer ignore serious issues such as Gaza.

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Israeli blockade of Gaza causing untold famine

The world must castigate the Zionist regime as its genocide is causing famine and disease to take hold of Gaza.

Correcting the concept of victory after the ICJ ruling

Shaykh Ali Hammuda 21 Min Read

Can you link a boy, a monk, a king, a magician, and the People of the Ditch to the recent ICJ ruling against Israel?

Advice to relatives of those nearing death

Shaykh Dr. Ali Ahmed 18 Min Read

In part two of four, we share guidance that family members of those coming to the end of this worldly life may benefit from.

World condemnation grows over Israeli Rafah offensive

Ustadh Faizaan Mahmood Fadlur Rahman 8 Min Read

International leaders are now uniting in urgent calls for a ceasefire, owing to potential ethnic cleansing in Rafah.

Israel has now decimated Gaza’s healthcare system

Can you believe that not a single hospital out of 36 is fully operational in occupied Gaza?

Aid is not enough to help Palestine

Maira Mirza 8 Min Read

British Muslim charities must partner, support, and defend one another in delivering more than just aid for Palestine.

Condolences to Wael al-Dahdouh on his mother’s passing

May Allah have mercy upon the beloved mother of Al Jazeera's brave bureau chief in Gaza City, Wael al-Dahdouh.

How you can help Gaza through its crisis right now

Zishan Khan 6 Min Read

It is essential to bridge the gap between scepticism and the profound impact of committed humanitarian work.

Media continues unfair reporting on Israeli invasion of Gaza

On the Gaza genocide, the BBC and others continue to focus on the oppressor as opposed to the oppressed.

Israel dealt blow as ICJ progresses genocide case

Zishan Khan Dr. Asim Qureshi 6 Min Read

Is the interim measure a step toward justice or a missed opportunity to have demanded an end to bloodshed?