A tale of loss, longing, and legacy in Palestine

Omar Alkhatib 4 Min Read

My beloved grandparents survived the 1948 Nakba; 75 years on, there is another Nakba taking place.

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Netherlands in rightwing shift after Geert Wilders’ victory

Muhammad Mussa 8 Min Read

Wednesday's PVV triumph is a rightwing paradigm shift as Dutch Islamophobe Wilders continues coalition talks.

Palestine is a global battleground for truth and justice

Ahmed Hammuda 10 Min Read

Ahmed Hammuda discusses Palestine and the five pillars of injustice through archetypes found in the time of Prophet Mūsā.

Uyghurs say, “Palestine is our cause”

Dr. Salman Butt 10 Min Read

At the launch of the UK East Turkistan Society, we were reminded of the special bond shared by Palestinians and Uyghurs.

Prophetic call to individual responsibility

Shaykh Ali Hammuda 13 Min Read

In part one of a series on responsibility, we learn about individual responsibility and the Prophetic direction behind it.

Starmer faces reckoning over despicable Gaza ceasefire stance

Muhammad Mussa 8 Min Read

Prominent Labour MPs have resigned from ministerial posts following the parliamentary vote on a Gaza ceasefire.

November is Islamophobia Awareness Month!

Islamophobia Awareness Month 3 Min Read

Islamophobia Awareness Month is now in full swing; check out what it's about and how you can support the campaign.

UK Muslims need an alternative to Labour

Muhammad Jalal 24 Min Read

Muslims need to chart an independent path in politics and not crave the attention of established parties, argues Muhammad Jalal, host of The Thinking Muslim podcast.

Braverman’s controversial op-ed could be her undoing

Muhammad Mussa 7 Min Read

The Home Secretary's unauthorised comments on pro-Palestine demonstrations put her political future in jeopardy.

Conflicted Western establishment and our Muslim response

Abdul Hai 20 Min Read

In part two of three, Abdul Hai looks at the muddled Western view on Palestine and our communal Muslim response.

Islamic view on peaceful legal protests for the oppressed

Shaykh Dr. Sajid Umar 25 Min Read

Given the ongoing crisis in Palestine, Shaykh Dr. Sajid Umar offers a jurisprudential perspective on the topic of protests.