Small Donations. Huge Rewards

Assalamualaikum 👋 

I am inviting you to join me as I battle the waters and fierce competition at the Al Noor’s Boat Race in


Your support during this time will help impact a great initiative, one that is close to my heart and that which will benefit the hereafters of Muslims.

Last Ramadān you helped us in our Lifeline campaign. Providing us the life support we needed in that emergency campaign. We are truly grateful for the money we raised from our kind supporters. 


Now, though, we are surviving, we now want to move away from life support and move onto nourishing the soil that the tree which is Islam21c is planted in – so that our Roots can establish themselves and spread far and wide! 


So I am not looking for large one off donations – but  looking for that gentle and regular watering in the form of small regular donations


I am looking for just 10 people to give me £10 per month or 

20 of you to give me only £5 a month.


(A small sacrifice of just one coffee a month) 


Your small but regular donation will have far reaching effects insha’Allah!

For 15 years we have been working hard to inspire and empower millions of Muslims who go to inspire even more. With the support of our donors, Islam21c has impacted

Insha’Allah together we can leave an incredible legacy!

JazakAllah Khair for your support. 

May Allah accept it and increase your reward.

See you at the boat race 💪

Your brother,


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