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About Us

Founded in 2006, Islam21c.com is a project which researches and produces papers, articles and multimedia based on the agreed upon principles of Islam as a source of governance and guidance.

Islam21c is fast becoming a leading online reference point dedicated to providing Islamic guidance and solutions by researching & analysing contemporary challenges faced by western Muslims living in the 21st century.

Islam21c.com strives to articulate orthodox Islam in a modern context and is dedicated to providing intellectual discourses on Religion, Politics and Society. Commonly it has been held that classical Islam is at varied odds with modernity and that this ‘medieval’ way of life cannot be realised in contemporary society. However, Islam21c seeks to show that Islam is a comprehensive world view incorporating a way of life, a system of belief, a 1400 year old history and an extensive and divine system of law.We envisage a classical, orthodox, and traditional Islam in contemporary Western society, with the aim to highlight, critically analyse, and systematically educate the masses by way of providing insightful commentary and exploring key themes.

We believe that Islam has a great deal to offer the West and that a clearer and more equal exchange of ideas will lead to a flourishing of the quality of life for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Islam21c.com is run by a number of leading Muslim scholars, Imams, thinkers, and professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

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